Work and Study in NewZealand: List of Universities, Tuition fees, and Cost of Living

newzealandNew Zealand is as big as  Japan or Great Britain. You would really enjoy living on the countryside with its  unique and quite spectacular rolling green hills, golden sand beaches and lush rainforests, all accessible within a few hours drive.

New Zealand is not a thickly populated country,with just only four million inhabitants, known popularly as ‘Kiwis’, who are very affectionate, easy going, warm and appreciative of their neighbors, and international friends. New Zealanders travel out of their continent a lot,so this means they are very used to a wide range of cultures.

New Zealand is actually a multi-cultural country, with a nice fusion of Maori  people, Pacific Islanders, European and Asians combining together to create a stimulating and colourful society.
Work and study: – All international students on a  student visa can work up to 20 hours per week or less during a full semester and during vacations Most New Zealand Universities offer a= student employment services popularly called ‘Student Job Search’ to help international students find jobs.

Tuition Fees
The tuition fees for schools in this country are actually cheap when compared with institutions of other developed countries. is different for different universities and colleges and varies with courses. Below is a list of how much each course should .
Undergraduate  Courses

Arts / Humanities / Social Sciences       NZ $ 10,000 – $ 12,000  per year
Commerce / Administration / Management     NZ $ 10,000 – $ 12,500  per year
Computing & Mathematical Sciences       NZ $ 13,000 – $ 15,000 per year
Engineering       NZ $ 16,000 – $ 17,500  per year
Science / Science Technology     NZ $ 14,000 – $ 16,000 per year
Technology       NZ $ 14,000 – $ 18,000  per year

Living Expenses
The approximate  living cost for international students is between NZ $ 10,000 – 13,000, which actually covers accommodation and personal expenses.
However, the expenses would vary for different people depending on the lifestyles  the individual chooses. Note that New Zealand has one of the lowest cost of living among  developed countries of the world.
List of Universities
*Auckland University of Technology
*Lincoln University
*Manukau Institute of Technology
*Massey University
*Otago Polytechnic, New Zealand
*The University of Auckland

How to Apply
International students wishing to study in Newzealand can gain admission into their Universities through one of the following ways:
*By having  in a possession a secondary school qualification which is recognised in New Zealand as an equivalent to the New Zealand university entrance exams standard.
* By attending a recognized secondary school in New Zealand and achieving the country’s university entrance exams standard.
*  By finishing an approved foundation programme at a recognized university in New Zealand.
Most of the application to schools in Newzealand are online while some are paper based. Reach out to the University you are applying to know which application method is approved by the institution.


For more enquiries about admissions into universities abroad, send an email to or call +2348125835476


  1. Hii. I’m not good in english language but I want to study in new zealand and also partime work to help my family here in philippines. I’am 18 years old a 2nd year college student my course is education major in special education. I want to study in new zealand because in my self this is I want to do. But my problem is I dont now where to start I dont have money all I want is to study in new zealand, im not smart but I dont have any failing grades. Can you help me to fullfill my dreams to study and work in new zealand? Can you gave me some information in universities or colleges in new zealand? And also partime work to help my self to live there?? If you have some can you please email me at if you now some schoo
    Wherein they have a working students can you email me? Thank you and God bless you ☺☺

    1. Hello, i’m victor a Cameroonian by nationality . wish to further my education in new Zealand but don’t know how to go about it please help me

    2. Hello, i’m victor a Cameroonian by nationality . wish to further my education in new Zealand but don’t know how to go about it please help me. for any useful info email me on ebv.ketchen@gmail com

  2. my name is adesola oyeniran am a Nigerian and I wish to study and work in new Zealand. I love art and I play basketball. please can u help me to find a suitable school am an average student who want to learn.. my gmail is thank you.

  3. My name is Joseph Omenoke. Am a Nigerian, please l want to work and study medicine in new Zealand to finance my education, please l need help.

  4. I am Bisiriyu Adebola,a Nigerian.I want to further my education in New Zealand and also take up a part-time job to support myself.Please,i will be glad should I get a helping hand.

  5. My name is JOSEPH Omenoke
    I love to work and study in new Zealand to finance my education, please I need your assistance. My pleasure if my information would be regarded in your establishment.

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  7. Hello Am precious Nanakumo a Nigerianby nationality, am a third year student studying Business Administration in New Vision University in Tbilisi Georgia but i want to transfer to Newzealand with my transcript and finish my studies there, how can i go about it?

  8. Hi I’m Donna wish to study in New Zealand a College under graduate is it posibble for me to study Bachelor of Arts and what school should i attend to which is low cost.

  9. am Chiedozie Julius, a Nigerian, i did like to further my education and also work in Newzealand, please i need help on how to go about it and how to apply and the things i will need. Also i will need a list of low tuition universities.
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