Why you should Study MBA on Low Tuition in Austria

Sometimes, it is a tough choice to choose the perfect business school. When you are spoiled for choice, you’ll to think deeply about the definitive points your future university has to touch, so that your decision would be most sensible, from multiple points of view.

Keeping that in mind, you should check out Austria’s credentials, as it is one of the top choices for international students in search for an MBA abroad.

Why Study Business Admin in Austria

To put things in perspective, Austria is a beautiful country in Central Europe, famous for its picturesque scenery and its role in modern history, giving us the famous Swarovski crystals, some of the greatest composers of all time (Mozart, Strauss, Schubert) and the von Trapp family.

The capital, Vienna, houses some of the best universities in Europe and is the regular destination for international students. They are attracted by the total of 34 universities countrywide, out of which 11 are private.

All the universities range from simple to complex courses, each with a rich historical background. There’s no wonder, then, that, in the past five years, the surge of international students grew with 40%.

The main benefits of studying an MBA in Austria are that:

  • International students can enjoy English-taught programmes in a Germanic environment, exposing themselves to a new and exciting setting;
  • They will discover first-hand the Germanic business etiquette, famous for its precision, planning and regulation;
  • It’s an Internationally-friendly atmosphere, where you can quickly make new contacts and put your knowledge into practice;
  • You can discover a variety of fields of study, such as Business Informatics, Electronics and Business, etc.;
  • You can expect a great deal of freedom in organising your study experience;
  • As a bonus, you are close to nature, as well as the modern urban environment.

Tuition Fees


Austria has some of the most affordable universities in Europe. Students who come from the EU are exempted from paying tuition fees at public universities.However, non-EU students won’t be severely disadvantahed, seeing how the fees cost around 750 EUR/semester, a rather small rate compared to other Business Administration Bachelor’s degrees.

Best Business Administration Master’s Universities in Austria

If you decide to remain during your Master’s degree in Austria, the market is full of opportunities and choices.

Some of the best Master’s programmes in Business Administration can be found at:

  • MCI Management Centre Innsbruck
  • University of Salzburg
  • WU (Vienna University of Economics and Business)
  • FH Kufstein Tirol – University of Applied Sciences

The Master programme will specialise your knowledge and will offer you a different perspective on the practical aspect of business. You can choose an academic programme and focus on your study, enrol in an executive course or earn a professional degree that will help you improve your work.

The MBA and executive MBA programmes are more suitable for those who already have a bit of work experience and only focus on development. Unlike the undergraduate degrees, Master studies focus on a certain aspect of business and involve a minimum knowledge background.

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