Why you should Study a Postgraduate Degree in a Local University

Ease of Obtaining Admission

Several local universities are keen on having their students stay on for postgraduate programs. So you’ll find out that entry requirements are lower if you had tried a foreign university. While this should not stop you from seeking admission in other countries,you’ll find the admission process very straightforward and easy to navigate. Say you are seeking postgraduate studies at your current university, it’ll be easy to obtain academic records and invite you over for interviews.

Low Tuition and Affordable

Foreign based universities are money grabbing institutions. As an international student, you’ll pay twice the amount charged a local student. This is one advantage you’ll derive by studying locally-fees are lower for indigenous students.  Unfortunately, international students from third world countries without sufficient financial support have taken to prostitution and crime to finance their education. Save your family the financial burden of wiring thousands of dollars every years by finding a reputable and established local institution for your program. At the end of the day, the degree is worthless if you’ve no real world skills.

You won’t be a Stranger

Going abroad to study means becoming a stranger in a foreign land. Expect to be seen as different and your identity question. Worse still, you could become a victim of racism or xenophobia. With the election of Donald, developed countries around the world are rooting for nationalist ideologies which encourages governments to use state owned resources for only its people.


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