Why citations are important in academic writting

citationOne of the biggest weaknesses when it comes to academia is usually when students are not prepared for the future writing challenges that they encounter. When a student reaches a certain level of academia, the importance of writing original and unique and something which is not copied conveniently from the internet is really crucial and high. This is why there are certain laws and regulations that students have to fulfill in order to stop, that they do not fall under the criteria of the copied work.

When you talk about writing challenges, the first challenge is to work upon using a certain format of citations and referencing in the assignment. No academic assignment is complete without the presence of top references and citations to support whatever you are pointing out and writing in the assignment. This is a very tricky part for students, especially the ones who are new to the system, as they have to learn the entire formatting and referencing style and then be aware of it each time they have to mention a secondary source. Today’s academic blog is going to talk about various reasons why using citations are so important in an academic work.

Avoiding plagiarism

One of the core reasons to emphasize on the use of citations and references in an academic work is to avoid plagiarism. When you write something which is already published by a different writer on a given source, without mentioning that source you are committing a serious felony in writing and there is no tolerance to it by any academic institution. Citations and references are like your license to use these ideas as they form an important component of your writing and research. Hence the only way to avoid plagiarism is to use countless number of strong references and citations.

To credit the writers

When you are reading a strong article which fits completely into your research and you plan to use some arguments from that article, it is only ethical that you name as well as credit the source.Citations are like a formal way of appreciating the ideas developed by authors who have already done some work in the similar field of interest and have added to your knowledge and insight. This is like the global way of recognizing and appreciating someone else’s contributions to the subject and the topic.

To follow a systematic format

If there is no clear and defined manner that helps differentiate the ideas of one author against another and different arguments from different work, then there will be a huge confusion. The concept of originality will have no importance and everyone will begin to copy someone else’s work so this is why citations and referencing is an important tool.

To beautify the writing

When you use strong citations and references, you also work on developing a really cool and strong writing format as well as the structure. Without proper formatting and citations, your writing is just a plain collection of words with no clear objective and association to it. Writing is not only beautiful when written well, but also when formatting and a structure is followed.

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