Universities in the United States with Scholarship for International students

Are you looking for Universities in the United States with scholarship for international students? The fact that the United States is one of the “chosen” destinations for international students from around the world is no longer an arguable statement. Discouraged by the high cost of education in the United States, many students may end up not pursuing their hopes of getting a quality education in America. It is not surprising though that the cost of education in the United States has been rising over the years. Some Universities in the United States have considered appropriate to render scholarships to deserving foreign students who have received provisional admission in their school. We, at studyabroad365, have compiled a number of universities in the United States offering partial or full scholarships to deserving international students.

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American University Scholarships

American University (AU) offers merit-based scholarships to deserving undergraduate international students who are just beginning their studies. Note that the scholarships are merit-based only and not on need-based system. Therefore, to be a beneficiary of this scholarship, you have to stand out academically. The amount given under this scholarship is within the range of $6,000 to $25,000 annually.

American University also offers another scholarship program referred to as the AU Emerging Global Leader Scholarship Program. This scholarship is granted to academically brilliant international students who are willing to return to their home country to contribute positively to the economic growth of their home country.

Amherst College Scholarships

Unlike American University’s merit-based scholarship program, Amherst College offers a need-based scholarship program. Amherst College provides financial support for deserving international students who demonstrate reasonable financial need. Your financial aid is determined once you receive a provisional admission into the school. The financial support offered to you will be equivalent to your demonstrated financial need. If you get this need-based scholarship, you will be notified of your award via email shortly after your admission letters are sent. In addition to the financial aid, Amherst College also gives students employment opportunities.

Colby-Sawyer College

Colby-Sawyer College provides a merit-based scholarship to deserving foreign students. The amount offered for a scholarship is tied to the academic performance of the students and therefore may vary from one academic session to the other. The amount granted is usually within the range of $20,000 and $26,000 per year. There are four categories of financial aid:

  • Early Action Award: To be eligible for this scholarship, you should submit your application for admission before the early actions deadline.
  • Academic Scholarships: This scholarship is strictly based on academic accomplishments of a student.
  • Endowed Funds: International students can enjoy the quality education in Colby-Sawyer through endowed funding.
  • Outside Scholarships: This scholarship is provided by non-governmental organizations partners outside Colby-Sawyer college.

Berea College Scholarships

Berea College is popular in the United States for being the only school that offers 100% scholarship to every admitted first-year international student on her domain. This scholarship assistance is designed to cover tuition, hostel and even board fees. Subsequently, after the first year of your academic studies, sophomore international students are required to save $1000 annually for their study expenses. This is not usually an issue because Berea College offers summer employment opportunities which students can do to meet this need.

Emory College Scholarship

Emory College gives deserving international students both need-based scholarship and merit-based scholarship. International students are offered the need-based scholarship only if they demonstrate reasonably the lack of financial ability to fund their study. To be able to qualify for this scholarship program, it is required of applicants to complete their application for the financial aid during the admission process.

Illinois Wesleyan University

Illinois Wesleyan University offers merit-based scholarships to deserving international students who have achieved outstanding academic accomplishments. The required test scores required by the School as part of the application process are normally used as a grade to offer the scholarship. The yearly value of this scholarship is within the range of $10,000 to $25000. Illinois Wesleyan University also offers international students the opportunities to work part time while studying.

In addition to the merit-based scholarship, there is also another scholarship program named the President’s International Student Scholarship. This particular scholarship is awarded every year to two deserving international students based on their talents and academic accomplishments.

Iowa State University Scholarship

Iowa State University also gives a merit-based scholarship to international students. First-year international students are considered for this scholarship based on their ACT or SAT score and high school transcripts.

The value of this merit-based scholarship is within the range of $2,000 to $10,000. Students are expected to maintain good academic performance to be considered for renewal of their scholarship each academic session.

Michigan State University

Michigan State University (MSU) provides a number of scholarship support for international students. MSU also gives long term and short grants and loans for deserving international students who wish to get one towards completion of their academic studies.

This partial scholarship program is run by Michigan State University and are not meant to support a student for the entirety of their study period. International students admitted to MSU usually make up for this by applying for other scholarship programs offered by non-MSU organizations to complement what they receive from Michigan State University (MSU)

New York University Scholarships

New York University also offers a number of merit-based scholarship to deserving international students who have achieved good academic accomplishments. The merit-based scholarship may come as a partial or fully funded package and mostly within the range of $25000 to $47000.

Oregon University Scholarships  

Oregon University awards merit-based scholarship to deserving international students undertaking both undergraduate and graduate studies. One popular scholarship program offered by Oregon University is their ICSP scholarship program. The ICSP scholarship program awards 40 scholarships to admitted international students who have excelled academically as evidenced by their test scores and transcripts. Students selected for the ICSP award are granted a tuition waiver within the range of $7,500 to $35,000.

These scholarship programs highlighted above go a long way to substantially the cost of obtaining a high quality education in the United States. They are designed to ensure that brilliant but needy international students are given the opportunity to pursue their educational goals in the United States either under a partial or fully funded scholarship package. This reduces the burden for students and their parents. If you are an international students, do your research about other tertiary scholarship opportunities offered by non-governmental organizations or corporate institutions that can compliment the partial scholarship package you receive at your University.

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