United Nations Development Program (UNDP) Youth Portal Open Innovation Challenge 2017 (USD $160,000 Prize)

Application Deadline: May 31st 2017

Actualizing a Sustainable ‘African Youth (particularly ladies) Entrepreneurship Online Portal’

UNDP has made a unimaginable online asset: ‘YAS! Youth for Africa and SDGs’.

In the event that executed imaginatively, this online entry can be at the extreme focus of encouraging the genuinely necessary commitment by African youths towards SDG achievement – however UNDP does not have the budgetary assets or the mastery to specifically actualize this entryway, guaranteeing that it is manageable and stays applicable after some time.

The test? Instructions to reasonably actualize YAS! in the long run.

Have you outlined and executed fruitful online portal[s] some time recently?

Or, on the other hand

Do you want to execute an online entryway in a feasible way, keeping it pertinent in the long run?

Impart your thoughts to us.

UNDP is welcoming proposition from intrigued hosts who can execute YAS! in a manageable way, keeping it significant after some time. All proposition must present an unmistakable operational and budgetary manageability model and marketable strategy for actualizing YAS! over a 5-year time span.

The Prize

UNDP will dispense up to US$160,000.00 (One Hundred Sixty Thousand US Dollars) throughout the following 2 years specifically to the Innovator to seed their operational and budgetary manageability preparation for the usage of YAS!. Past that, the trend-setter will be relied upon to create and prepare assets to keep YAS! supportable, consequently the requirement for a 5-year operational and supportability arrangement.

Also, through YAS!, the host will be required to run and deal with at least US$200,000.00 (Two Hundred Thousand US Dollars) worth of Ecosystem and African Youth Entrepreneurship challenges for UNDP. This US$200,000.00 is far beyond the US$160,000.00 UNDP seed financing, or whatever other assets that the host will create and activate for difficulties on YAS!. These assets will be dispensed by UNDP straightforwardly to the triumphant endeavors and biological system bolster activities, under the support of the frameworks and methods for awardee qualification and choice criteria to be produced by UNDP and the trend-setter/YAS! have (see the ToRs: Considerations for Preparing the Sustainability Plans).

Step by step instructions to Apply

Step 1: Download the point by point Terms of Reference and related foundation material for this open development challenge [from this page].

Step 2: Develop your operational and money related maintainability arrangements.

Step 3: Submit your operational and money related maintainability plan to this email address by no later than 23:59hrs EAT, 31 May 2017

The Review Process: Winner Selection Criteria

UNDP will set up an assessment council, containing essentially of UN staff, to survey all recommendations gotten utilizing UNDP’s standards of reasonableness and trustworthiness.

The accompanying criteria will control the determination of the triumphant proposition:

The aptitude of the firm/association

The points of interest of the operational manageability plan

The detailed outline of the monetary supportability arrange

For More Information:

Visit the Official Webpage of the United Nations Development Program (UNDP) Open Innovation Challenge 2017

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