Types of Accommodation available in Canada for International Students

accomodation 101Two major types of accommodation are available in Canada for international students:


  • Hostel/Dormitory


Most universities in Canada have hostels situated within the school or perhaps, close to the school. The building is usually large and equipped with shared toilets and a general kitchen. Most hostels will have kitchen and bathroom fitted in the student’s room and indeed, the choice of many.

Hotel accommodation will offer you the opportunity to meet a new fellow as roommate and get more exposed to your study environment.

With hostel accommodation, you can be sure to have  steady water supply, constant power and sometimes, a mini night library for night readers.

The cost

In Canada, the cost of living in a hostel is $3,000 – 7,500 per academic year.

Applying for a hostel will offer you a huge advantage because its cheap.


  • Off campus


Most students dislike staying in the hostel because of the noisy environment and some unfavorable schools rules in which they cannot cope. Rules such as:

  • Gas cooker usage in the area
  • Limited number of students allowed in a room
  • Dirty and unkempt toilets

Owing to the above factors and many more, students prefer staying off-campus; a place where they have more control and freedom.

Cost for an off-campus

Prices of lodges usually differ depending on the size and location. For an apartment in a small town like Kitchener, Ontario is approximately $820 a month for a one bedroom apartment.


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