Tuition fees of low tuition countries in Europe

abroad europeAustria

International and non-EU students wishing to study in Austria will pay EUR 726.72 per semester while non-degree seeking students will pay a reduced tuition fee of EUR 363.36 per semester.

Czech Republic

Note that in Czech republic if the language of instruction is the czech language, you won’t have to pay tuition fees even as an international student. For courses taught in English language, tuition fees usually start at EUR 1000 per semester


Tuition fees in Denmark usually vary depending on the course of study. However, a tuition fee for international students is usually EUR 10000 per year.


Note that If the language of instruction is not Finnish or Swedish languages, international students would be charged tuition fees


International and domestic students are not charged tuition fees in German universities.


Tuition fees usually vary depending on the university as well as the course program chosen. Usually, non-EU students will have to pay a tuition fee of approximately EUR 1000 per academic year.


As with most European countries, tuition fees in Hungary vary depending on the type of university and study program. In most cases, non-EU students will have to pay a tuition fee of approximately EUR 1000 each semester.


Some good news for international students! There are no tuition fees charged at public universities and colleges in Iceland for international students, they only have to pay a registration fee that ranges from EUR 100 to EUR 250


Non-EU students however will have to pay full tuition fees


Although students don’t have to pay tuition fees, they are required to pay a small registration fee


Non-EU students will be made to pay full tuition and registration fees for schools in Netherlands

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