Top Universities to Pursue Nursing as an International Student

Pursuing a career in nursing is honorable. It’s one of very few careers where you get to save people’s lives, bring happiness and comfort to those in need. Nurses play a critical role in medical teams, taking on a high responsibility for the medical treatment of patients. Nurses are also the first point of call, providing continuity of care and liaising with a group of other health practitioners. If your aspiration is to become a nurse, please read on.

A Career in Nursing

Nursing is a fantastic career for both local and international students, because it creates space for growth and specialization in a wide range of fields. There are several opportunities within the nursing profession. If you are looking for a career that allows you the ability to work with people on a regular basis and make a difference, then nursing might be the field for you.

Just like every other profession, you need to embody a range of qualities. These qualities are listed below;

  • Emotional stability: You need to have this, because nursing is a stressful job where traumatic situations arise.
  • Empathy
  • Flexibility
  • Attention to detail
  • Interpersonal skills
  • Physical endurance
  • Problem solving skills

Top 10 Nursing Schools in the World

  • University of Pensylvania, USA
  • John Hopkins University, USA
  • King’s College, London, United Kingdom
  • University of Manchester, United Kingdom
  • University of Technology Sydney, Australia
  • University of Toronto, Canada
  • University of Washington, USA
  • University of California, San Fransciso, USA
  • University of Sydney, Australia
  • University of Southampton, United Kingdom

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