Top two free tuition countries in the world

study freedomThe cost of University studies can be super high for international students hoping to study abroad.Several countries with reputable standards of education have, from country to Country tuition fee alone can be very expensive to afford. While the cost of studying in many universities is super high very high, you can however apply to study in many tuition free universities. If you would like to study overseas for a Bachelor’s or Master’s degree whichever your area of concentration, there are many countries in Europe where tuition is free. These countries also offer internationally recognized degrees that can be used in any part of the world.

In this article, we will examine  two countries offering tuition free education below:


For a long time now, public universities in Germany do not charge tuition fees and provide very sound education. This free tuition education is  applicable  to both domestic and international students.  This explains why  the population of international students in Germany is rapidly rising, and why you would get a chance to  interact with other international  students from across the world. However, a tiny contribution of around $250 per academic year to cover administration costs will be charged. It might interest you to know that  35 universities in Germany rank very high on QS World University Rankings® 2014/15.You will need a budget for your living expenses and books if you plan to study in tuition free institutions in Germany, a budget of $10,850 will be adequate to cover your living cost,utilities,books,transportation and feeding.


Norway prides herself of very high standards in quality of life,and education is not left behind,one of the Northern Europe countries called the Nordic countries,Norway is an excellent place to study. The quality of life in Norway is also very high as she ranks amongst the top 5 countries in the world with the highest living standards. If you are considering studying overseas as an international student for free Norway can be ranked ten out of ten for you. If you intend to choose Norway as your destination for undergraduate study prepare yourself to learn Norwegian because most undergraduate level programs are taught in Norwegian. You will need to proof willingness to learn the language or provide proficiency in Norwegian. For post graduate students, many subjects are taught in English and tuition is provided free as well. Make a plan for your living expenses because just tuition is free. You will need to plan for your accommodation and utilities, books, feeding and transportation. A modest budget of $8,500 per year will cover these expenses and if you have this set you will be okay.


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