Top tips on to choose a reputable study abroad consultant

consultOverseas education is a most sought after option by students in both developed and developing countries. Even though it’s expensive to study abroad, but it generally pays in the long run. It is an excellent option when backed up by proper knowledge and guidance. Choosing the right country, institute and program is essential for success. This is where the role of an overseas education consultant comes into play.

Most of the overseas education consultants have done a stellar job in helping students secure their admissions and visas to the best universities around the globe. They have gained the trust of students and parents alike by providing useful guidance regarding fee structure for MBBS  in Kyrgyzstan and admission procedure for MBBS.

However, there always comes a bane with a boon. With the number of students going for overseas education increasing over the years, many abroad education consultants have mushroomed that have questionable integrity and little ethics. Most of them cash on the fleeceable nature of students and parents and rob them providing little to no proper guidance. It is important for both students and parents to distinguish between the fraud institutes and genuine ones. Let’s look at few things to consider when choosing an abroad education consultant.

Know their credentials

It is important to know how long the consultant has been in the business. A bit of research on the internet will help you in finding out the information about the established date, experience of the key personnel, accreditation to International bodies, awards received, offer letter and visa success rates, past student testimonials etc. All these factors indicate the credibility of the consultant.

Expertise counts

Learning from your mistakes is a good concept in general but cannot be applied to when choosing overseas education consultant. It is advisable to go for consultants with an excellent track record for placing the students in the country you are planning to go for. The consultancy should be familiar with the country’s education system, fee structure of medical colleges, admission procedure for MBBS, living and food expenses etc.

Variety is important

A good overseas education consultant has ties up with numerous reputed institutes all around the world and would gladly display the document of association at their premises. Choose a consultant that understands your needs, budget,interests etc. and suggests universities and institutes based on that. If a consultant goes out of their way to convince you to go to a particular university, it is a sure sign that they are more interested in meeting their recruitment target than securing your career.

Look out for transparency

A reliable consultant will be fair in its dealings. They will provide all the information about the fee structure of MBBS, admission procedure of MBBS, credibility of the institutes they are tied up with, refund policy etc. Stay away from consultants that make promises such as guaranteed offer letter/admission, assurance of scholarships and internship etc. as they are purely based on your academic credentials.

Testimonials say a lot

Look out for testimonials of previous students and parents. A satisfied student or parent will always speak high of the consultant and even recommend it to others. Look out for such positive reviews, testimonials and recommendations. The more positive they are, stronger is the credibility of the consultant.

Overseas education is a big step in a student career. Wrong step here and the academic future is ruined. Likewise, if you get it right, then you will have an amazing future. Do look out for the above mentioned tips before choosing an overseas education consultant.

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