Top tips for studying abroad in Cuba for international students

cub Studying in Cuba is exhilarating but rewarding. It is unlike many countries.You wont see many advertisements other than for the government.Quite unlike other developed/developing countries, you wont find many stores selling clothes. The many differences found in Cuba is a major reason international students choose to study university degrees in Cuba for a change. Before you pack your bags to study in Cuba, there are a few things you should know:



  • Higher Education

One of the most reputable universities in Cuba is Universidad de la Habana.It is the nation’s oldest and largest offering over 25 majors to 6,000 students.Quite unlike universities in the US or Europe, the workload in Cuban universities is quite manageable.



  • Food

International students on a budget can enjoy the spicy pizzas sold on the streets. Or chickens sold in tiny colorful boxes.If you want to cook your food, agricultural markets would offer fresh produce.



  • Money

There are three options for accessing money while in Cuba.You can wire your money through Western unions for a fee ranging from 7%-20% depending on the amount of money. Alternatively, you can obtain ATM cards but could charge fees upto 20%. Alternatively, you can bring a stack of cash with you say $2,000 or $3,000. You can negotiate prices for literally any product or service. It really helps to be a shrewd negotiator.



  • Social Life

International students are encouraged to make friends with local cuban students to experience Cuba’s colourful . Sometimes, cuban students unwind by attending a government sponsored concerts or drink rum and play music on the streets. By making friends with locals, international students will avoid the pitfalls of of tourist traps.


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