Top College Admission Mistakes International Students Should Avoid

Applying for international admissions to U.S universities could be daunting. You might get your comfort from knowing that most of these universities wish they had more international students: they wish their classrooms could reflect the interconnected world we live in. Avoiding mistakes such as not doing enough research could boost your chances of admission into these universities.


Common Mistakes Include:


  1. Not Doing Research: it is easy to get excited about an opportunity and forget the basics such as making sure you know enough about the university you want to apply to. Students miss crucial things such as the availability of academic programs they would like to pursue. Others forget to check fee structures and financial aid programs available and end up stranded as additional expenses keep piling up. It is also easy to forget some basic things such as the weather at the location where the University is, and students end up packing summer clothes for very cold places or because they did not realize that there are cold seasons in that area.
  2. Not Asking Questions: most students fail to make use of the valuable resource that is the university admissions counsellor. Students should make use of this resource and address all their queries and frustrations before making the decision to leave home for university. You can even consider consulting current students for a more casual talk about how things work to verify if that is really the choice you want to make.
  3. Not Bragging about Yourself: It is our unique cultural identity that sets us apart, that is why when you apply, there is almost always a section that includes your personal essay and a list of your accomplishments. Be it academics or extracurricular activities such as art or sports, don’t overlook or try to minimize this part of your application. Sharing these accomplishments and interests enhances your application and sets you further apart from the crowd.
  4. Not Planning Ahead: most international students expect U.S colleges to be very streamlined. In reality, every university has a different process and schedule. Even though some universities will accept applications throughout the year, it will take months to get your immigration paperwork finalized with the American embassy near you. Admissions counsellors would also be very happy to assist with the immigration process and documents needed.
  5. Not Thinking about The Future: Are you prepared for your first day of class? What about the week, do you have some kind of plan for what you want to achieve in your first week? Do you know what you want to do after you graduate? You can plan to find answers to some of these questions through research, faculty mentors, conferences and internships.

Once you explore all that is available to you as an international student at an American college, you can start to make advancements to bringing your dream of studying in the US a reality.

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