Technology has widely influenced almost all the sectors of society but some of its inventions has truly benefited the students. This write up will give an overview of 10 most beneficial gadgets that can be immensely fruitful for students.

Since the invention of computer students have progressed fast than ever before. Later on with the rapid enhancements and sophisticated technology, students have benefitted widely and undoubtedly. There have been a bunch of components or most famously called gadgets that can help a student in many ways. In fact all the individuals related to the field of academics are making the most of these 10 most useful gadgets.

With all the positive features of these gadgets a student can purchase these at economical rates. The time has gone when useful technology used to be expensive. The financial programs and installments payment method have sorted it all out.


Evernote Moleskine Smart Notebook

The device is even better with new updates and can transcribe pen writings into digital format. You can convert your ink written paper into pixels. Yes, that makes the device quite important for every student.

OtterBox Phone Charging case

Student life is not offering you free enough time to charge yourself. Keep this device with you and charge your phone whenever needed. Your laptop and cell phones are your most important components that can be a great problem if not charged at some point. Otterbox charging case allows you to release the stress of urgent charging need.

Kindle Voyage

Now you do not have to hold a burden of loaded bag with books on your back. Simply burden your kindle voyage device with a space of keeping over 60000 books.

External Hard Drive

A device that is detachable and portable. It can be used to transfer all kinds of data from one device to another. A student is highly recommended to keep external hard drive to ensure availability of useful data anytime anywhere.

Nimbus Smart dashboard.

A type of smart clock that gives you instant alerts at different schedules of your day. It can work as a secretary who reminds you of special and important emails, social media updates and weather forecasts as well.

Pivot Power Surge protector

A power surge with six plug-ins at the same time and easy to handle. This is what gives a peace of mind when you have an electric switch nearby to charge up all your accessories.


This goes without saying. Every student in today’s technologically updated era needs to have a smart phone with him/her. Taking notes, making pictures of notes, making stills of lectures, recording lectures, surfing internet instantly and many more are the features that can help a student in its great capacity.

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