Top 7 Myths of Studying Abroad

Studying abroad is still a distant dream for many people. In many places, studying abroad is thought as a privilege. Often people stop their children from studying abroad because of some preconceived notions. In reality, studying abroad is just like studying at your local college. Through this article, we will try to clear top 7 myths everyone afraid of studying abroad.

  1. Studying abroad is too much expensive

Many people believe that studying abroad will cost too much as compared to studying at your local college. The cost of studying abroad depends entirely on few factors like a country in which you are pursuing it, duration of course and type of course. Studying abroad can be less expensive. If you decide you study in any developing nation then you will see that the cost of education there is less expensive. In many colleges and universities, tuition fees and admission fees are decided by keeping in mind the cost parity which means the tuition fees and boarding fees should be more or less equivalent to studying at your domestic college. If you are looking forward to pursuing mba programs abroad then many countries offer the program at very less cost. Also, during the course, you can seek help from various service providers who can help you in writing successful mba essays.

  1. Studying abroad is all about partying all night and having fun

Of course, not. Studying abroad has nothing to do with partying and having fun. It is all about gaining education and possessing skills. For many students, studying abroad means going to some other country and drinking all night and partying with other students. Studying abroad is much more than what it seems. In today’s times, studying abroad opens up new horizons and opportunities for gaining a better knowledge and understanding the culture of a foreign country. We are not saying that it should not be fun. Indeed it should be fun but not at the cost of your career. If you are getting the opportunity for studying abroad, then don’t waste it; utilize it.

  1. Studying abroad is not safe

People consider studying abroad is not safe and you can be easily attacked, robbed and killed which is totally not true. Every country has some downsides to it and there are criminals everywhere, even in your hometown. This does not make the country unsafe for you. You should follow some safety rules if you are visiting a foreign country. For example, don’t go for solitary strolls in shady areas, do not roam alone during night time. These are the things which you should follow even in your own country. You should be aware of your surroundings and the people who surround you.

  1. You will not get scholarships for studying abroad

People believe that for studying abroad you will not get scholarships. This is a false notion and there are plenty of scholarships for studying abroad. You can easily get scholarships for studying in a foreign country on the basis of merit, financial inability and specialty scholarship. Many colleges have scholarships programs for foreign students which can be availed by applying as and when forms are released by the universities. Also, there are many government and private organizations which offer scholarships to students who are willing to study abroad.

  1. Degree obtained from foreign won’t have value

It is a completely wrong perception that a degree obtained from foreign will not have value. In fact, most of the employers, nowadays, look forward to recruiting someone who has experience of adjusting to the different culture and can speak a foreign language. By studying abroad, you can add up many things to your resumes like cross culture competence and adaptability.

  1. 6. Only the people who want to learn new languages, study abroad

No, you don’t have to pursue a language major if you are studying abroad. You can study any major while studying abroad. In fact, you will find more majors related to science, business, social science and arts than language majors. This is a misconception which stops people from going abroad and studying there.

  1. Your education will get delayed if you study abroad

There are many students who complete their graduation within four years while studying abroad. In foreign universities, students get credits towards graduation requirements which can be used, with proper approval, for satisfying major and minor general education requirement.

If you are thinking of studying abroad but you are facing a dilemma because of any of the above-mentioned reason then we hope that after reading the reality, your dilemma must have vanished. Studying abroad is not a thing of luxury, it is about finding the right institution in the right country so rush and submit your mba application for a foreign institute. It is more or less same as studying in a college near your home.


Millie Bryan is a content writer at MBA Essay Writing. She has experience in studying abroad and she is happy to share it with others. Her life motto is: “Never stop learning, because life never stops teaching.”

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