Top 5 Reasons to Study Free in Germany

Top Quality Education: Per the results obtained from researchers and German quality perspective, German tertiary education is considered to be one of of the best in the world alongside the US, UK and Canada. A good number of German scientists have won Nobel prizes for their successes in developing vaccines or succeeding in other ground breaking innovations.


Free Education: One of the reasons international students choose Germany is because Universities are tuition free for both domestic and international students.  German universities are funded  by the government. So if funding your education is a criteria for choosing a study destination, then Germany is an option you should consider.


Infinite Opportunities: By partnering with leading companies, German universities ensure all admitted students can access internships, part/full time jobs during and after studies.


Scholarship Opportunities: Currently, hundreds of scholarships are awarded to international students every year to study in Germany.It is not surprising that alongside free education, lots of international students cover their living expenses through scholarships.


Recognized Degrees: You know diplomas and degrees obtained from German institutions are readily recognized and accepted in many countries. You are able to obtain a job with it or proceed with postgraduate studies.


Ability to study in English: Besides medicine and law, you can find a program which is taught in English in almost all study areas.


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