Top 5 Low Tuition Universities in Saudi Arabia for International Students


(1)King Saud University


King Saud University  is a premier institution of higher education in Saudi Arabia. Formally established in 1957, it is located in Riyadh and has a wide range of programs such as; Medicine, Engineering, Agriculture, Science, development of Science, Humanities and Languages. Their mission is to provide their students, quality of education, to conduct valuable research and to serve the national and international societies. Their vision is to be a World class University. Their values are based on True Islamic and traditional cultural values.

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   (2)  King Abdul Aziz University

This university bears the name of the founder of Saudi Arabia, “King Faisal bin Abdulaziz”. It was established in 1967. It is located in Jeddah. This university specializes in courses, such as; Sea’s sciences, Geology, Nuclear engineering, Medical engineering, Meteorology, Aviation and Mineralization. Their mission is the advancement of society, through pioneering research, cultural and scientific research. Their visions are based on Islamic values, occupational professionalism and to increase the development of society.

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 (3) King Faisal University

This university was founded in the city of Al-Hofuf (Al-Ahsa province). It was established in 1975. It consist of two separate colleges; The college of Foods and Agriculture Sciences and The college of Veterinary Medicines and Animal resources. The second branch of the university was situated in Damam City, included, The college of Medicine and Medical sciences and a The college of Architecture and Planning. These four colleges formed a university core, which expanded into a comprehensive university consisting of multiple colleges.

(4) Umm Al Qura University

It was established in 1949 by King Abdulaziz. It is located in Makkah. It was the first Higher educational institution in the country. This was an Islamic Law college , in the beginning. Then it constituted the kernel of Umm Al Qura university. This university gain its prominence, also because of its unique location of the Holy city of Makkah. Its important subjects of studies are, Islamic Studies, Natural & Applied sciences. Humanities, Social sciences and Languages.

(5)King Fahad University of Mineral and Petroleum

It was established in 1963 . It is located in Daharan city. Their mission is to gain leadership in Sciences, Engineering and Business fields. Their values are consisted of Creativity, Excellence, Integrity, Fairness, Diversity, Responsiveness, Team work, Discipline and Transparency.

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