Top 5 low tuition universities in Denmark

denIf you didn’t know, university education in Denmark is completely free for students who hail from the European member countries. However,international students from  non EU states would be required to pay tuition fees of EUR 6,000 to EUR 16,000 Euro per academic year. Note that scholarships are equally available for both European and non-European students.

Application requirements

Undergraduate studies

If you have successfully completed high school  studies in one of the signatory countries of the and are in possession of an authentic high  school-leaving certificate and qualify for university education in your home country, you may also qualify for higher education studies in Denmark. However, you would also be requested to prove your level of English and/or Danish. In some cases, you might be required to take additional qualifying courses.

Masters studies

If you are applying for  a master’s program at a university in Denmark, you will be required to be in possession of a relevant bachelor’s or equivalent degree diploma.

Language requirement

Additionally, you may also be requested to take course a in English if you don’t have the necessary level of command to successfully complete the selected study program. You should therefore check with your university if your current level of English is sufficient.

How to apply

Undergraduate studies

If you are an undergraduate student (first cycle student) seeking for a study place at university or college in Denmark, you will have to submit your application through the Danish Coordinated Application System (Den Koordinerede Tilmelding, KOT).

Postgraduate programs

If you are a graduate student seeking to study in Denmark, you will need to contact directly the institution of your choice and check the admission criteria.

List of top and cheap universities

-Aalborg University

-Aarhus University

-Copenhagen Business School

-Technical University of Denmark

-University College Zealand


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  1. Please how can I apply for a tuition-free course in International relations at any of the listed universities or any other Scandinavian country that offers cheap university tuition.

  2. How can I apply for a cheaper course in agriculture or environmental conservation and management ? Am A Ugandan Teacher by profession

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