Top 5 Low Tuition Medical Universities in Africa

medicalThere are a number of really good low tuition medical universities in Africa.In this article, we will discuss some of the top 5 you could consider applying to. The tuition fee per year is in the range of $15,000 to $30,000. Please reach out to the university authorities for more information.

University of Cape Town

One of South Africa’s prestigious institutions founded in 1823 and has a good mix of international students from several countries around Africa and the world.The university offers courses in bachelors of medicine, bachelors of surgery and bachelor of science in Audiology.The university of Cape Town is well positioned to help you succeed. It has 2520 administrative staff and 1980 academic staff.

Stellenbosch University

This institute was founded in 1866 located in South Africa.It currently enrols more than 27,694 students. The university also offers bachelors of medicine and bachelors of surgery.Students are trained for six years to become certificated medical doctors. The medical training program is divided into 3 segments.

Cairo University

This university located in Egypt was established in 1908.It is highly reputed and the second oldest university in Egypt.It has a total of 12158 staff members. There is a research and teaching hospital that is affiliated with Cairo faculty of medicine. There are several medical departments and couses ranging from pharmacy, oral dental medicine to veterinary medicine.

University of Witwatersrand

A prestigious South African university attended by Nelson Mandela. The faculty of health science was set up in 1919. The public institute offers several courses in Nursing, Pharmacy, Dentistry, and occupational therapy degrees.It uses several teaching hospital thus offering student doctors a unique practical and real world experience.

University of Nairobi

This prestige institute is the largest in Kenya. It is collegiate research institute of Kenya. It is situated at Uhuru Highway in Nairobi. Total 22000 students were enrolled in 2002. Among them 49488 undergraduates and 12424 post graduates. Dr. Vijoo Rattansi is the chancellor of this public is affiliated with ACU. Institute have its official website named It also has 250 international links. The University has the school of medicine, nursing, pharmacy and school of dental sciences. In the world, it was ranked 855 by Webometric

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