Top 5 Europe’s Best Destinations for Low Tuition PhD Study

Are you keen to spare yourself the financial headache of high cost PhD tuition fees?Then you’ll be delighted to learn that they are a number of countries where PhD is both free and world class.As many international students are now doing, you could decide to pursue your studies free of charge or inexpensively in Germany, France,Sweden or Norway at top establishment institutions.

PhD Study in Germany

Germany is popular for its stellar academic standards, high standards of living and of course free tuition(regardless of your nationality).More than 43 universities feature among the global top 750 in the QS World University Rankings including Technische Universitat Muchen,Ludwig Maximillans Universitate Munchen. Top German cities featured in the QS Best Student Cities include: Berlin home to the Currywurst museum and fleet of ubercool algorithm startups and Munich famous for the jolly beer festival, oktoberfest, it hosts every year.

PhD Study in France

Roughly 11 of their universities are in the global 300 in the QS World University rankings including University PSL(ranked 50th in the world) and Ecole Polytechnique(65th). France offers low tuition PhD programs at several of its public universities.Although the fees might be somewhat higher in a Grande Ecole, public universities in France will charge a nominal fee of $440 a year.Top student cities in France include Lyon,Toulouse,and of course Paris which is consistently ranked in the top 5 of the QS Best Student index thanks to the low tuition fees and good concentration of world class universities.

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PhD Study in Finland

Tuition fees are currently free for all PhD students in Finland, regardless of nationality.And Finnish capital Helsinki is ranked 75th in the QS Best Student Cities-it is home to to two of the worlds top 150 universities,the university of Helsinki and Aalto University. Equally noteworthy are Finland’s wide open spaces and incredible natural phenomena such as the eerie midnight sun and the Aurora Borealis.

PhD Study in Sweden

This EU country has the highest percentage of renewable energy,Sweden has well over 29 beautiful national parks and 4,000 nature reserves. The progressive politics for which it is known are also reflected in its higher education system.Also tuition is free for all students at doctoral level in Sweden and there are few scholarships available to cover living expenses . Eight universities feature in the global top 350 in the QS world ranking.

PhD Study in Norway

Conclusively, another affordable european study abroad destination is Norway.Tuition free at public universities is free for all international students regardless of nationality. You would need to pay a small student semester fee to cover expenses such as exams, sports facilities,which is typically no more than $36-$72. And of course, like all Nordic countries living costs are high meaning you’ll need to find a scholarship to help.

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