Top 5 cheap tuition universities in Russia

RUSUniversities in Russia generally operate
low or cheap tuition for international students. Tuition fees usually range from $1000 to $10,000 per annum for various courses. In this article, we will take a look at some of these cheap institutions and their tuition fees.

Altai State University

This is one of the cheapest institutions in Russia-tuition fees range from $1000-$3,000 per year.Altai State University is a public university located in Bernaul, Russia.A range of courses are offered at this university-courses such as:Biology,  Arts, Geography Engineering to mention but a few.

Herzen University

Herzen University is one of the largest universities in Russia and  is situated in saint Petersburg. There are well over 25 faculties and 115 departments.Note that the language of instruction is russian. The tuition fee for undergraduate studies ranges from $4000-$6000 per year.While graduate studies is $2000-$4000 per year. There are several courses such as Health sciences, Engineering, and other undergraduate and postgraduate courses.

Kazan State Medical University

This is a renowed  medical University based in Kazan, Russia.It is one of the lowest tuition medical universities in Russia.There are more than 4500 students studying in this university. A large number of undergraduate and graduate medical programs are available in this university.Courses such as:Medicine, MBBS,Nursing, Dentistry to mention but a few.The tuition fee for studies in both english and russian media is $4200 per year, not including other expenses.

Southern Federal University

This university is another very affordable institution you would find in Russia.It was established as a public institution back in 1915.There are over 50,000 students studying in this university.There are a wide range of courses from engineering to arts.You will pay RU 90,000-RU 100,000 per anum if you are taught in the rusian language and RU125,000 per anum if the language of instrution is english.

Tomsk Polytecnic University

There are several undergraduate and postgraduate courses available in this university. It is located in Tomsk, Russia.The university uses both engish and russian languages to teach students.It was established in 1886 and is a very popular instituition.There are engineering, medical and dentistry courses availble in this university. The tuition fee for undergraduate course is EUR 2400-EUR 3600 for international students.While masters degrees in russian language is euro 2200-euro3300 per annum.


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    I intend studying medicine in Russia this year and my estimate is 3000dollars for tuition fee..please could you advise me on which school to apply for that is relatively cheap

      1. I looking for cheapers university in Russia where I can learn Russia language for one year before started with my major

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