Top 10 Mistakes you should avoid when writing a scholarship essay

misDo you plan postulate scholarship? Learn how to write a good essay for a scholarship. And avoid mistakes to make your perfect piece of writing.

Whether for financial aid in college or to fulfill your dream of studying abroad, writing an essay that argues why you deserve the scholarship can be decisive in defining whether you will be one of the chosen.

  1. Write aligned with the objectives of the scholarship essay

Some scholarships are designed to “future leaders” leading scientists or people dedicated to community service. For this reason, you should make sure that what you write is closely linked to this view, showing that you are exactly what you want the organization. You must choose which aspects of your life are relevant to who grants funding. No matter how well written is the text, if otherwise transmit is very unlikely that you get the scholarship.

  1. Answer the question background

The test objective is to convince the organization that you are the best choice for the scholarship. So if the question of the test is, for example, “Why do you want to study medicine?”, What they really want to know is “Why be the best doctor and why should we give our money?”.

Remember that many people of contexts and goals similar to yours probably from running. Therefore, say why you want to be a doctor is not enough, since all say the same. What you must do is stand out from the rest of the candidates and prove that you are the most deserving of the prize.

  1. It has a central argument

It should be something like “Growing up in the field taught me to be an independent person” or “Treatment of addiction is the only way to win the war against drugs”. If you cannot condense your essay on a central idea, your text may not be entirely clear or simply lacks a main argument.


  1. shows a part of your life

In addition to listing the reasons why you deserve the scholarship, you must also expose some part of your life. It is important to focus on one aspect and not in all facets of yourself because otherwise you will lose impact test. This text should not be like a resume or list all your accomplishments. By focusing on a single aspect you can give you more depth and provide valuable information about who you are.


  1. Convey your passion

This trial is not like any we wrote as a student, as it tries to show what you love and why you do it. Make sure the subject of your essay really get excited and let your words reflect that enthusiasm.


  1. Be Specific

Instead of using such broad and impersonal as “education is the key to success” phrases, defines the influence of education on specific aspects of your life. In this way the reader can identify with your experiences and not forget your essay after five minutes.


  1. Develop your achievements

Surely you have specified your qualifications and merits in detail in the application form, so it is not advisable to again repeat everything in your essay. Instead, take the opportunity to deepen on one or two achievements that have marked you really put them in context and share the true meaning they had in your life.


  1. Save the melodramatic story

Delve into your personal tragedies with the aim of moving the jury hardly will you get the scholarship. Your central argument cannot be “I deserve the scholarship because I suffered a lot in life” since you’re only focusing on the problem and not the solution. Remember that many candidates will likely try to appeal to emotion and perhaps several of them have gone through the same or situations more painful than you. Emphasize how you managed to overcome these obstacles to differentiate yourself from the rest. You should focus on the solution, not the problem.


  1. shows a positive view

Prevents your essay has a pessimistic atmosphere, cynical, antagonist or too critical. The organization wants to provide a scholarship to a person excited about the future and what they can achieve. This does not mean you should pretend that everything is good and happy, but every time you present a problem.

  1. Get a second opinion

You cannot do this alone. If you want to achieve an excellent essay, it is essential to read people you trust. People can express their opinions honestly about what you’ve written. Teachers, counselors, academics, family and friends, everyone can provide a valuable contribution to improve the quality of your text, both in their form and content.


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