Top 10 MBA Myths

Master of Business Administration or MBA is one of the most common yet appealing degree disciplines you would find. Without this degree, it would be hard for anyone to reach the top position in any organization. However, MBA degree is just a qualification which does not guarantee career success to anyone. Success comes to those who do hard work and dedication while having a prestigious degree like MBA on the back. Still the tag of guaranteed success with MBA is the most common myth about MBA. In the next lines of this article, I am going to tell you about the top 10 myths about MBA which will make everything clear for those who are planning to do MBA by inspiring from the myths.

  1. It’s every one job:

It is true that everyone can do MBA, however, doing it from a reputable school is not an easy nut to crack. It requires a lot of hard work and dedication to get the degree from a good business school. The amount of focus and keenness to study these business schools demands is not the job of everyone.

  1. Must for entrepreneurs:

For being a distinguished entrepreneur, you would need the courage to take bold decisions, willingness to do things what others would not even think of, firm self-believe and the ability to market themselves in the most efficient manner. However, you learn all of this stuff in the MBA program but having these all from nature is the most important. If you lack in these skills but have the MBA degree, your degree would not be going to help you in becoming a successful entrepreneur.

  1. MBA is MBA

There are thousands of MBA programs and twice the business schools worldwide. Do you think MBA from each one of them is the same? Your career growth, increase in your wage and other valuable perks based on the worth of your school from which you have received your MBA degree.

  1. It is Expensive:

Expensive tuition fees for MBA from a reputable business school is not uncommon. If you are going to get such valuable degree from a worthy place then you have to invest some amount too. But in the wider perspective, your return on your investment (ROI) would be much higher and you would have earned equal of your investment in just the matter of a couple of years’ time.

  1. Restrict your thinking:

This myth is somewhat true too because of not all the time all these theories and strategies works. But by closer examination, all of the theories and case studies works as the bedrock of the success of the MBA grads because it teaches them how to think when a situation like this comes in front of them.

  1. Talent doesn’t need MBA

It is true that the talent doesn’t need MBA or any other degree to succeed. The world’s top-notch businessmen and entrepreneurs college drop outs but most of the others also have the college degree and especially MBA. With the talent, you have a chance to succeed, but with talent and MBA you have a better chance.

  1. It’s a win-win situation:

There is not a single degree program in the world can promise you a win-win situation. It is entirely based on your skills and commitment which will make you the winner. With MBA or without MBA, there is no guarantee of a win. However, MBA will guide you and take you to the first step of the path of success but it would be on you that how you take actions from there on.

  1. No experience required for MBA:

It is true that you doesn’t need any experience to get admission in MBA program, but having relevant experience would help you a lot in all the case studies and in creating real life examples of all the theories for yourself.

  1. MBA teach you how to succeed:

This is entirely wrong. MBA only teach you the skills and the tools which can make success your destiny. Success and failure are based on the individual’s effort.

  1. MBA gets hefty paychecks:

MBA can get you fat paychecks after spending sufficient time in the industry. You cannot get the big paychecks just after your MBA completion. MBA is your ticket to that, but you have to reach it yourself.

Author Bio: Amanda Jenner is an Academic Writer at Writengine. She is an experience blogger and her aim is to help students who seek career guidance. For more you can follow her up on Google Plus.



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