Tips on how to win a full Scholarship to College

tipsOne of the reasons why many students fail to complete their University studies is financial limitations. According to College View, money concerns are the number one cause of University drop-outs. Even students who can afford to pay tuition but do not have enough pocket money to cater for their personal living costs end up having stress-related illnesses and failing. There are many scholarship opportunities available these days for students, but one has to be worthy to get them.  Most of these Scholarships that are offered to low income students are not just based on the student’s need for financial assistance but they require academic excellence as well. When scholarship providers give out these scholarships, they tend to choose based on merit. Scholarships are not just handed to students who need them, they are handed to students who deserve them. Academic achievers.

Pre application phase

Opportunities are available in so many places, one just has to do in depth research to find out which scholarship opportunity best suits them. Fastweb is a great website that helps students find scholarship opportunities available around the world. Find it at  as well as internationalopportunity which provides a regular list of international scholarships.

Scholarship providers include the government, big and small companies, individuals and even the university itself.

Always make sure you understand the full requirements or Terms and conditions of the scholarship before you apply. The application may include writing a scholarship essay and/or filling an application form.

What to include in a scholarship Essay

Academic Capability

Both past and present academic achievements will put you in the scholarship provider’s good books. These scholarships may be available for mostly undergraduate students, but even students who are well into their studying may come across them. The important thing is to achieve the highest grades possible and scholarships opportunities of this nature may even bring themselves to you. Amongst even a group of financially burdened students, the best performing students stand a better chance of getting the scholarship.

Proof of Financial difficulty

Applicants have to prove that they are financially burdened. This one is a bit tricky for international students who are already studying abroad since most of them are required to prove that they are financially able to provide for themselves before they are admitted into university. The requirement here will be to provide proof that your financial status changed since you got admitted, perhaps job loss of your finance provider or whatever prove you may have.

Other capabilities or achievements

Involvement in extracurricular activities and outreaches are a symbol of attributes such as commitment, diligence and good leadership. These attributes will win over your scholarship provider so do add them to the application. These achievements give your potential scholarship provider the impression that you thrive even in difficulty. A great attribute to possess especially if the provider holds a prominent position and may provide other opportunities for you like a guaranteed job when you graduate. When adding the list of your achievements, be careful to not go overboard and stay within the provider’s topic of interest. Only add the achievements that support that you fall in the scholarship opportunity criteria, for example, National Chess Champion for ‘FOCUSED’.


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