Tips on how to Study Abroad Free for International Students


One of the factors that can stop a student from considering studying abroad is the cost. What if I told you that you can get free international education? Will that be the news you have been waiting for? There are many brilliant students out there who want nothing more than the experience that comes with studying abroad. If you take all the right steps, you can win a scholarship and have your dreams realized. Here are some tips to help you win that scholarship and study abroad for free.


Let’s start at the beginning and find out which location you want to study in. Once you have the location set, you can start researching for programs that offer full scholarships. Look at the programs offered by the school of your choice and see if there is anything that aligns with your study goals. Now you have the schools you are interested in and you know that they offer programs that would be of great interest to you. Some scholarships are subject specific and others are student specific. If you do not find ones that are offered for the program you want to join, look for those that are more based on the student and apply. There are many organizations that offer scholarships to students from another country. Look at universities, private organizations as well as government institutions. Trust me, there are many scholarships offered every year and you should definitely throw your name in the hat.


Meet all requirements

You want the board to take you seriously and this is why you need to get all your documents together and make sure you meet all the requirements. If a resume is required, get yours up to date before submitting. Leave nothing to chance because you probably will only get one chance to make an impression. Create a list of all the documents you need and then start gathering those. Not all scholarships work the same way, so do not send a generic application to everyone. Each application is done specifically to the requirements of the organization you are applying at. This shows that you took the time to make sure all your documents are in order. It says a lot about your character.


Most scholarship applications require you to send some reference letters. These reference letters can come from someone you have worked with or perhaps a teacher. The purpose of these letters is to speak about your character and the achievements you have accomplished. Speak to each individual writing a reference letter and remind them of some of the achievements they may have forgotten. Do not just randomly choose people to write reference letters, but stick to those who know you well enough to have something to say about you.


Start your study abroad statement of purpose early so that you give yourself enough time to dedicate to it. If you want to know how to write a study abroad essay, you simply need to include that in your research. Many institutions will look at more than grades, so if yours does not look too good, don’t let that stop you from applying. The magic happens in your statement of purpose. Do not be afraid to share your story with the board. Speak about the challenges you had to overcome to get this far, as well as reason for your choice to study abroad. Even though this is a professional application, try and not be too serious. Let your personality show through your writing and give a little insight into the person behind the application.


Winning a scholarship is not that difficult once you have all the relevant information gathered. You need to start in high school, by ensuring that you have good grades and do things for your community. It is important to start working from early on and make your dreams a reality. Every student applying for these scholarships is not better than you in any way, so do not sell yourself short. Some institutions just look for students who are suitable for their scholarships. Find the one that is looking for someone that is just like you and you have already won.



Millie Bryan is a content writer and an amateur guest post writer. She has experience in studying abroad and she is happy to share it with others. Her life motto is: “Never stop learning, because life never stops teaching.”

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