Things you can do for students with special needs

Abstract: Special students demand special attention to improve their learning. Teachers can play a vital role in helping their students get better at education.

Policy makers should spend a great deal of time in designing the education framework for students with special needs. It helps children explore the best of their potentials. Finding their real talents, children can develop their careers accordingly. However, this requires huge effort of teachers. Teachers need to increase their efforts many folds when they are dealing with children with special needs.

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Special needs kids require extra care and attention from their teachers as it is often hard for them to concentrate at work. These special children lack competency in certain traits. For instance, a student might find it hard to read or may be unable to produce amazing scripts with pen. He can also be unable to focus during the class. In such scenarios, teachers need to explore the potentials of their students, neglecting their deficiencies and work on ways to make them shine.

Here, we have listed down few things which we can do for students with special needs to help them feel at home in the classrooms and ultimately perform better in education:

Individually monitor child’s progress

When you are dealing with a special student, you are levied with a greater responsibility. You should be mentally prepared to work hard and help your students. The helping process starts with recognizing the true potentials in each student. A teacher should give individual attention to the child and monitor his/her progress on a regular basis.

Urge them to follow some role model

Role models have a huge impact on us. We all are fascinated by their ways of doing things and try to imitate them. One can use this process to benefit special students. Tell inspirational stories of success about people with disabilities and inspire them to adopt their ways.

Make children support each other

This technique requires you to keep a close eye on your students. Calibrate the strengths of each child according to his/her potentials. Students with similar potentials and disabilities should work together as a team. Make them help each other in different activities. This will help them synergize their efforts. Moreover, children will feel comfortable when they will be surrounded by people with similar personality traits. As a result, their interest in school and education will keep intact.

Help them in finding a career path

Career counseling goes a long way when it comes to helping children with special needs. A majority of such students don’t envision themselves having successful careers in their futures. We should make sure that each child gets proper career counseling so that he/she can set future goals.

The guidance you provide to a special child on career development should be based on his areas of interest. For instance, a student who is bad at reading but good at writing should be urged to become a writer.

Use Assistive Technologies for Learning

Lastly, you can use smart technology to help children get better at learning. You can design activities for special students and then monitor their progress using these tools.


Author: James Cameron is the writer of this guest post. He is a high school teacher. A firsthand experience of dealing with special students as his class of regulars often shares lectures with them. You can take him after at Do my homework –


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