The UK 5 Tier Visa System: Everything You Need to Know

visaaaIf you’re coming from a foreign country to work in the UK, you will be about to embark on one of the greatest times of your life. You should be aware though that earning the right to work in the UK is not going to be as simple as you think. The system was created in 2008 as a way for the UK government to manage the immigration route for migrants from outside the European Union who wished to invest, work, study or train in the UK.

The system then places each person into five different tiers. The way your tier is decided is through a points based assessment – which is worked out by assessing your age, experience and ability as a worker. Each person must then score a minimum points total to be able to make it into one of the tiers, which varies depending on each different tier. This article explains what each article consists of.

Tier 1 Visa

The Tier 1 Visa is the top category that migrants from outside the EU can acquire. The type of people who gain this type of visas are people who are generally wealthier, or high skilled and can make a large direct improvement to the UK economy. These are entrepreneurs and investors or people who are classed as having exceptional talents – such as singers and actors.

Tier 2 Visa

This tier is designed for skilled workers from outside the EU who have received a job offer in the UK. All that is required is for the employer to sponsor the person and state that they are skilled. The preference is for people who are skilled workers where there is proof that there is shortage in the industry. This can be popular amongst doctors or athletes.

Tier 3 Visa

This is the tier which is classed as being the biggest ‘grey area’. The reason for this is that this was a law that was created for low-skilled workers whose purpose in the country was to work because of a temporary labour shortage. However, a person cannot actually apply for this type of visa, as it is only given directly from the government in special circumstances.

Tier 4 Visa

This is the visa which is given to students who are aged over 16. This means it is the typical visa given to people who are wishing to come to the UK to study, but it is important that the person has been granted an unconditional place at the university so that they can apply.

Tier 5 Visa

This tier has six sub tiers to it which includes, creative workers, sporting workers, charity, religious and the youth mobility scheme which allows children who want to work in the UK during holidays to come do so during their holidays.


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