The Struggles Of Being An International Student

struggleStudying abroad is a dream that can easily come true if you pay enough efforts. You should have a good cut-off, speak English fluently and be ready to a time-consuming process of applying to the University. But even if you pass all the obstacles successfully, it does not necessarily mean that all complications are left behind. In fact, international students meet the whole range of problems. To live and study in another country, they need to know how to deal with the problems to progress better.

There are 5 struggles that every international student meets. If you prepare for them in advance, you can easily overcome them in the future.


The first weeks seem to be fine. The first month also seems to be ok. But when the second month of studying abroad begins, you start to miss your home. You miss your family, your friends, your college, your house, and even the streets. You start to understand that everything is strange to you, and you can hardly tackle the stress that you face. For some students, homesickness is the problem which makes them quit the dream of the further foreign education.

Language barrier

As a rule, fluent knowledge of English is enough to study abroad. But this is the requirements for countries where English is not a national language. It means, that you will study in English in a Spanish university while every around will speak Spanish. It can be rather challenging for you, as you will not be able to communicate with people who do not speak English.

Money issues

 There may be two problems with money: you have it but you need to exchange currency all the time, and you do not have money and need to find a job to earn something. Of course, the first one does not seem to be quite a problem compared to the second one. If you have won a scholarship or your parents pay for your studying, you have almost nothing to worry about. But if you need to earn money for studying, it may be quite challenging to find a job with a good salary and preserve the possibility to visit the University and do your researches.


There is nothing more frustrating than to go to another country and do not find the food that you have got used to. You were ready that some brands would be missing but you did not expect that the product itself will be unavailable. It takes some time to get used to the food from another country but you can definitely cope with this problem. If this is too much for you, you can find some stores where the local goods from certain countries are sold.

You have nothing to wear

This is not just a girl’s problem when it comes to studying abroad. The climate is different in every country and it is difficult to predict how your body will react to different conditions. Besides, in some regions central heating is unavailable and you should find other ways to get warm. Also, there is a problem with luggage. You cannot take everything you want unless you are ready to pay for an additional bag. So you need to be ready to buy new clothes or take the most important pieces that you can wear in any weather.

Of course, every student gets scared. Every student meets personal problems and obstacles he or she needs to deal with. These five are only the basic ones that can create some problems while you are staying abroad. However, when you are prepared to face with them, you can easily overcome every problem and enjoy your studying abroad.

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