SwissRe International ReSource Award in Water Management 2018 for Developing Countries

The International ReSource Award for strength in water administration is a prize recognizing social entrepreneurial speculation and initiative in actualizing the standards of maintainability in water management.

Application Deadline: 22nd March 2017

Qualified Countries: Developing Countries

About the Award: The Award perceives new methodologies for settling existing issues identified with reasonable water management. The prize expands on over ten years of involvement in giving the perceived ReSource Award for reasonable watershed administration. Consistently, a worldwide jury grants USD 150 000 to new social entrepreneurial activities driving reasonable water administration rehearses. The honor is one solid activity of how the Swiss Re Foundation adds to the headway of water strength in low, bring down center and upper–middle-salary nations.

The ReSource Award recognizes social entrepreneurial activities up for prototyping or scaling up new methodologies for settling existing social and additionally environmental issues identified with feasible water administration hones. Cases incorporate access to, utilize and supply of water, sanitation and cleanliness in low, low-mid and upper–middle-wage nations as grouped by the World Bank.

Sort: Entrepreneurship, Contest

Qualification: Applicants with the aptitudes, assets and duty to dispatch and deal with a social entrepreneurial activity identified with supportable water administration practices are welcome to apply for the ReSource Award. At present, just recommendations are being viewed as intended to be executed in low, mid-low and upper-medium salary nations as grouped by the World Bank regarding per-capita GDP. Originators (for instance, a group or association) may not submit more than one proposition a year. The ReSource Award expects to accomplice up specifically with social reason associations with existing or arranged income producing exercises. Likewise, mediator organizations that bolster social business visionaries are not upheld under the Award.

Proposition Eligibility: The short and full recommendations submitted will be surveyed as to the accompanying territories:

Social and natural test: The proposition shows a significant and true comprehension of the social and environmental issue to be tended to.

Affect: The normal social, natural and financial effect is plainly characterized and in accordance with the extent of the ReSource Award.

Approach: The proposition traces a convincing social entrepreneurial way to address the characterized challenge. The characterized objective and expected effect can sensibly be accomplished with the approach exhibited.

Financials: There is a fiscally reasonable strategy for success set up in view of clear and consistent ideas.

Abilities: A qualified group with fitting aptitudes and reputation is set up.

Hazard administration: All significant hazard causes and related avoidance and hazard moderation measures are characterized.

Number of Awardees: three finalists (USD 20 000 + guiding each)and a champ will be chosen.

Estimation of Scholarship: The prize consolidates monetary and non-budgetary commitments (guiding/master counsel). Half of the aggregate commitment comparable to USD 150 000 will be dispensed to three finalists (USD 20 000 + training each) from whom the victor will be chosen. The honor winning association will be upheld (USD 75 000 + training) amid the accompanying three years in further creating, prototyping or scaling up its social entrepreneurial activity.

Instructions to Apply: Applicants are made a request to give data on their social entrepreneurial activity by finishing the online poll on our site. The application procedure is isolated into four stages. Subtle elements on each progression and on the criteria connected are accessible here. Disconnected applications are acknowledged in extraordinary cases just upon earlier request with the Secretary of ReSource Award.

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Grant Provider: SwissRe

Imperative Notes: The victor of the ReSource Award 2017 will be reported on 3 March 2017. Recorded underneath are the date for the ReSource Award 2018.

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