Study on Low Tuition Universities in Bosnia and Herzegovina for International Students

The educational system in Bosnia is  not only modern, but also one of the oldest in the region. In fact, higher education has been ever present since 1531. Some of these early schools are still in existence up and until today. Also tuition fees are very affordable for international students considering university education here.

Higher Education in Bosnia and Herzegovina

Many students will go on to higher education. This system is made up of eight universities. There are as follows:

  • University of Tuzla
  • University of Sarajevo
  • University of Zenica
  • University of Bihac
  • University Dzemal Bijedic of Mostar
  • University of Mostar
  • University of Banja Luka
  • University of East Sarajevo

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These schools offer more than 90 faculties from which students can pursue their education. In addition, there are art academies for some students. There are also 22 private higher education universities present here. Students can choose where to enroll and what to do. Those individuals will then work through education until the point of entering into the workforce. The following degrees are present in Bosnia and Herzegovina.

  • Undergraduate education earns students a bachelor’s degree. This lasts for about three to four years.
  • Students move on to post graduate programs next. This encompasses about two additional years of courses. Students earn a masters degree at this level.
  • Some students will continue on to post graduate university courses. This can last up to three years. A PhD course like this is usually only for those who have earned work experience. Students graduate with either a Doctorate of Science or of the Arts.

Foreign students are welcomed into many of these schools. Most students come through educational programs and study abroad programs, though students can also apply directly to some of the larger universities.

Student Visa Requirements

If you are visiting the country for less than three months, you do not need to obtain a visa to do so. This is only possible for those who are a citizen of the European Union, the United States, or Canada. Most other countries require visitor visas. You will need a student visa if you plan to stay longer. These will provide up to 12 months of stay, with the possibility of requesting an extension. Students will need to have an application and approval letter from their school of choice before applying for the visa to prove the student has the necessary need to arrive.

Tuition Fees

International students should budget between $3,000 to $4,000 per year for degree programs.

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