Study on Low Tuition in Vietnam for International Students

Today’s article will focus on higher education in Vietnam for international students. This article will explain key terms which will help u understand what to study in Vietnam and how to go about it.

That said, this article will examine low tuition universities in Vietnam, application process and basic admission requirements for international students, living expenses and student visa.

Studying in Vietnam

While the mention of Vietnam might comes off as an exotic and a bit mysterious country for students and parents who have never visited,including some older ones who might remember the country for wars which happened in the past.It is comforting to know that currently Vietnam is a very different country compared to the war torn country we knew it to be.

Vietnam’s currency is the Vietnamese Dong. The US dollar is also accepted in many trade transactions, although recently the Vietnamese Government has placed restrictions preferring transactions to be in the local currency. Obtaining a bank account and subsequent banking processes are easy to navigate.There are ATMs which are found in many department stores and hotels and throughout the cities in various destinations.

Why Study in Vietnam

University education in Vietnam offers a wide range of programs and specialized courses in certain areas. For instance, Ho Chi Minh City specializes in science and technology while Hanoi University specializes in language studies.but also provide programs taught in english in the areas of business, finance, accounting, international studies and information technology.

Beside obtaining a degree program from world renowned institutions, you’ll have the privilege of studying in a multicultural environment that will provide the perfect immersion into Southeast  Asia. Private international institutions in Vietnam engage thousands of diverse student body and staff, thus bringing fresh ideas from all over the globe.There are also a wide range of masters programs, from MBA’s to engineering available and taught in english.

Vietnam has both private and public institutions. These public universities operate at the national level or at the regional level.

Admission Requirements

Students can apply online directly for admission into any undergraduate taught program or course at any university in Vietnam. Obtaining either  SATs, TOEFL or IETLS.

Living Expenses in Vietnam

The cost of living varies depending on the student’s lifestyle.Accomodation charges ranges from VND 7,000,000 to 15,000,000 depending if the apartment is furnished or not. On campus accommodation cost could range from USD $1,200 to $1,600.

Tuition Fees

Tuition fees at public universities in Vietnam are very affordable when compared to those in private universities.Note that yearly tuition at public universities can go from free to about $,1000 annually for Vietnamese students.

International students would however pay rates from about $1,000 to $2,500 every year.However private schools are somewhat expensive, with total program tuition going up to $30,000 or $40,000 per year.Note that most masters programs can be completed within 1-2 years, depending on the program and whether the student attends full time or part time.

Academic Calendar

The academic year in most universities is based on semesters and usually begins in september and concludes in early January, followed by exams and holiday period.

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List of Low Tuition Universities in Vietnam

The University of Da nang

Can Tho University

FPT University

Asian Institute of Technology

British University Vietnam

Van Lang University

Hue University

British University Vietnam

ADS Vietnam Design Institute



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