Study on Low Tuition in Sweden plus Scholarships for International Students

There is a free tuition scheme available for EU students in Sweden. Also there is the availability of a wide range of scholarships and the flexible policy of Swedish government to allow all the students to work while studying. Currently, universities in Sweden offer a wide range of English-taught degree programmes and these universities are renowned worldwide for their approach towards education and the support they offer students in order to think every matter critically and show personal initiative.

Sweden is part of the European Union,as such the tuition fee rules for nationals also apply to citizens of other EU or EEA countries, and Switzerland. Exchange students are equally exempt from fees, as their studies are set according to agreements between Swedish and foreign universities.

Most universities in Sweden are public and tuition fees only apply to students outside the EU/EEA; fees vary between 6,000 and 45,000 EUR per academic year, depending on chosen study discipline.

The three private universities in Sweden charge average tuition fees between 12,000 and 15,000 EUR/year, but for some disciplines, these could lead up to 25,000 EUR/year.

Tuition fees for popular disciplines in Swedish universities:

  • Computer science: 25,000 EUR/year
  • Environmental science: between 8,000 and 30,000 EUR/year
  • Engineering: 17,000 EUR/year
  • Economics: 18,000 EUR/year

Free-tuition universities in Sweden

Check examples of free-tuition universities in Sweden for EU/EEA students:

  1. University of Gothenburg
  2. Jönköping University
  3. Dalarna University
  4. Luleå University of Technology

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Tuition fees at top-ranked Swedish universities

Here is a list of average tuition fees for international students at top-ranked Swedish universities:

  1. Karolinska Institute– average tuition fees 34,000 EUR/year
  2. Uppsala University– average tuition fees 25,000 EUR/year
  3. Lund University– average tuition fees 21,000 EUR/year
  4. Stockholm University– average tuition fees 25,000 EUR/year

Scholarship and funding options

In Sweden, both local and international students can obtain financial aid from universities, public or private institutions.

  • Scholarships provided by the Swedish Institute – dedicated to international students applying to Master’s degree programmes.
  • Scholarships offered through the Visby Programme – partnership between EU Eastern countries and Russia. Awards are offered to students who apply to programmes focusing subject areas related to sustainability, innovation and corporate social responsibility.

Universities also have scholarship programmes which aim to cover tuition fees or living costs during the degree course.

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