Study on Low Tuition in Saudi Arabia plus Tuition Fees

Saudi Arabia is becoming a popular study abroad destination for international students from within the region, and also has lots to offer students from afar. You will have the chance to enroll at a growing number of top clas universities. You will also be able to explore the nation’s distinctive political and cultural environment at first hand, as well as visiting some of the region’s greatest ancient archaeological sites, and soaking up plenty of sun.

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Entry Requirements

Usually, entry requirements for universities in Saudi Arabia would vary depending on the institution. Applicants are generally asked for proof of previous academic qualifications and grades, proof of proficiency in English (or Arabic for some programs) with TOEFL/IELTS, official identification and passport photos.

Tuition Fees

Tuition fees are set by the individual Saudi universities, meaning prices vary widely. In many cases, universities in Saudi Arabia actively seek to recruit international students, offering various incentives and funding assistance. At King Fahd University, for instance, exceptional master’s students can apply for a ‘research assistantship’. This covers tuition fees, as well as providing a monthly stipend for living costs and free furnished accommodation, in return for time spent working in a teaching and research capacity.

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Those not receiving funding assistance should expect to pay tuition fees of around US$6,000 for undergraduate programs and considerably more for master’s degrees.

Student Visa

No matter who you are or where you’re from, if you wish to study in Saudi Arabia you’ll need an advance visa before being allowed to enter the country. Getting a visa can be easier said than done, due to the tight restrictions for tourists and travelers. Student visa documentation required for overseas students is usually as follows:

  • A confirmed place on a degree program at a recognized Saudi university;
  • Your original birth certificate;
  • A medical certificate proving good health signed by a licensed doctor;
  • Proof of payment of all relevant visa fees;
  • A police report of your criminal history;
  • Approval for travel from your home government.

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