Study on Low Tuition in Philippines: Tuition Fees ranging from $1,000 to $2,500 per year

The republic of Philippines is a beautiful island with a serene environment, located in Southeast of Asia. The country has two official languages namely: Filipino and english. The country’s  weather is typical to the weather condition of India.They experience winter, summer, rainy seasons. There are several low tuition universities for international students

Additionally, Philippines has places of interest for foreigners such as:

  • Human island, Palawan: a place embedded with the majestic views of turquoise waters.
  • Camotes, Cabu: The location displays the true island nature of Philippines.
  • Vigan:This displays the cultural virtue of the country, showing the country’s rich heritage.

The Educational System

Philippines has well over 2200 universities comprising 650 public universities of which 110 belong to state and 1600 to private. They have international programs that are recognized the world over.

Philippines was colonized by the United States and as such English is the official language of instruction in their universities.The country has a high standard of education and is the world’s largest english speaking country.

Universities in Philippines usually start their first semester in June and this will last through the month of October. Second semester runs from November to April.

Public tuition fees are about $1,000 USD while private ones could go for $1200 -2,500 per year.Note that governments allocate an average of $13,700 per scholarships along with private organizations. Some of these scholarships cover traveling expenses.

Top Ranked Universities

  • Ateneo De Manila University

ADMU is the third oldest university in Philipines.Even though the university is a private research university,  as one of the best in the world within range of 501-550, also 284th in the humanities.

The university was established sometime in 1859  by a group of scholars known as “society of Jesus”.It offers undergraduate, graduate or professional programs.

  • De La Salle University

The university is ranked 401-450 in arts and humanities and world best within 701-750.DLSU offers 74 undergraduate and 100 graduate programs. It is also the first to offer degree in mechatronics and robotics.The university runs a trimester program which usually last for 14 weeks.

  • University of Santo Tomas

The private owned university was set up sometime in April 1611 and known as the oldest university in Philippines. The university falls between 801-1000 range rank.

Criteria for Applying

  • Students should have a good grade in english
  • They should have at least 50% aggregates
  • Applicants will need a recommendation
  • Fully valid credentials(result and certificate)
  • Valid student visa
  • Medical fitness report
  • An IETLS of 5.0 overall will be required of which students need to have at least 5.0 in writing and reading.
  • Alternatively, students can present a cambridge certificate of proficiency  Grade C and Cabridge Advanced certificate of Grade B.

How to Apply

  1. Chose a university where desired program is available and affordable.
  2. Check for the school’s official website and establish contacts as regards admission requirements and procedures.

Benefits of Studying in Philippines

Studying in Philippines has several benefits for both local and international students, whether studying as undergraduate or postgraduate student. The benefits are as follows:

  1. Practical exposure to training
  2. Students are able to sharpen their english language skills since Philipines uses this as their major medium of communication
  3. You can easily find employment after graduation
  4. Affordable tuition fees for both local and international students
  5. Conducive and secure environment , plus excellent climate while studying on affordable tuition
  6. A chance to be taught by renowned professors from some of the best institutions in Asia
  7. Access to fully funded scholarships for both local and international students

Cost of Living in Philippines

The cost of living in Philippines is affordable and convenient for international students on a budget. I have tried to summarize basic expenses in the box below:

Monthly rent $49
Basic amenities(water,internet,electricity) $40
Food $40
Transportation, Laundry, and personal care $19
Clothes, books, health, tranportation $49


Obtaining a sound education is a great start for any human being. With the high level of education standard available in Philippines, obtaining an education in Philippines would be truly magical.

Philipines is a great country to succeed academically as the quality of education provided is on par with quality ones in Asia.

Studying in Philippines is as cheap as the cost of living. Monthly expenses for students fall at an average of $177.

There are no strange cultures in Philippines. Lol, people eat with fork and nice and dress appropriately.


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