Study on Low Tuition in New Zealand: Tuition Fees and Living Expenses

Understandingly, New Zealand may be geographically far away from the UK or US but the quality of education you get will be worth the many hours spent traveling. Universities in New Zealand offer many opportunities to study at different levels-from undergraduate to postgraduate programs. In New Zealand, masters programs last for two years while PhD program generally last for 3 years.These degrees are recognized around the world as being up to date and practical.

Tuition fees may not be the lowest when compared to other European countries, but it is certainly not the highest. Tuition fees in New Zealand universities vary, depending on the course selected. Therefore, it is important to do adequate research about fees and costs in your chosen location.

Specific programs and qualifications are also on offer such as, Graduate diplomas and Honours. Graduate diplomas are one year long programs, often used as transitional programs for students who wish to study at a masters level for a course they don’t have an undergraduate degree in. See below the tuition fees for some programs. Please note that they are subject to change:

  • Fees for arts or social sciences is roughly $9,680 per year.
  • Programs in sciences and engineering can cost $12,000 per year
  • Dentistry and medical programs are the most expensive- $36,000
  • Sadly, there are few scholarships available for international students studying in New Zealand, and those that are on offer are for PhD students.

Costs of Studying and Living

Granted, studying in New Zealand can be expensive for some students. You are advised to look into various scholarship options. Universities in New Zealand set their own tuition fees, therefore the fees you will pay will depend on your chosen institution and program.

The cost of living in New Zealand will depend largely on your location. This varies between NZ$7,000 and NZ$12,000 per year. A lot will also depend on your lifestyle and accommodation. You can choose various housing options while studying in New Zealand. There are private accommodations(N$180 per week), flat accommodation(NZ$120 per week along with a bond) or student hostels and hall residence(N$200 per week)

Work and Study

There are work opportunities available for international students. As one, you are allowed to work  upto 20 hours per week during semester  and 40 hours during vacation. There are possibilities of finding of top notch internships and practical work.The international student office at your university will help you navigate this.Another great thing is that you can obtain a permit at the end of your degree program and work for 12 months under a special “work permit”.

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