Study on Low Tuition in Kuwait and Requirements

Kuwait is an Arab country in western Asia.It is situated in the Northwestern edge of the Persian Gulf and shares borders with Iraq to the North and Saudi Arabia to the South. Currently, there are 17 universities. University education is also low tuition for international students. Currently, there are 17 colleges at the university.


Kuwait uses the Kuwaiti Dinar. Kuwait is well known for its rich reservoir of petroleum and oil because of its abundant oil reserves in the deserts. Also, the country is rapidly becoming a desirable study abroad destination for international students.

Kuwait is one of the smallest countries in the world.However, it is the region’s leading producer of patented innovation due to research institutions such as Kuwait University.

Currently, there are four state supported colleges and universities in Kuwait:

2018 Kuwait University Ranking

Kuwait University                                          Kuwait City

Gulf University for Science and Tech          Mishref

American Uni of Kuwait                                Kuwait City

Australian College of Kuwait                        Kuwait City



If you intend to study for a graduate program, you’ll need to apply for a student visa well in advance.In order to get your visa, you’ll to do the following:

  • Show you have confirmed a place for a study program at a recognized institution
  • Paid all relevant fees.
  • Have enough funds to cover your stay in Kuwait
  • A letter from a sponsor stating the obvious.

Please note that international students are not allowed to work in Kuwait as part of the student visa rules.


Note that many higher institutions in Kuwait provide accomodation.

Rent Per Month

  • One bedroom apartment(city centre) -USD $900
  • One bedroom apartment(outside of city centre)-USD $640
  • Three bedroom apartment(city centre) USD$1,900
  • Three bedroom apartment (outside of city centre) USD $1,500


Living Expenses

Living expenses in Kuwait depend largely on a student’s spending habit and choice of accommodation.

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