Study on Low Tuition in Estonia plus Tuition Fees

We will discuss how to study on low tuition at affordable universities in Estonia for international students. We will delve into the cost of living and admission requirements. So please grab a cup of coffee and read along.

Estonia has been a member of the European Union since May 2004 and recently became the first country in the world to use e-voting for voters to remotely cast votes in democratic elections. Technology and its application is very advanced in Estonia and you wouldn’t be making a bad decision if you choose to study there.

Estonia has some of the finest cheap and affordable tuition universities for international students. Majority of higher institutions offer programs in english language so you dont have to worry about learning a new language.

Admission Requirements

Note that in order to gain admission into an undergraduate program, you’ll need high school transcripts. MSC and PhD programs will require details of your BS/MS/GPA.

Tuition Fees

Tuition fees are not the same for all institutions. This is because universities in Estonia are allowed the liberty of setting their own fees. The tuition fee is usually between 1023 to 7035 EUROS per year.

Graduate and postgraduate programs may cost more depending largely on the course and the type of university chosen. Tuition fees in Estonian universities is not much when compared to fees charged by other European universities.

Cost of Living

The cost of living in Europe particularly Estonia is cheap and affordable.International students who have lived there, generally say its cheaper than most cities in Europe. Cost of living in Estonia depend largely on the student’s lifestyle and spending habit. The currency used for everyday purchases is EURO. The monthly cost of living is between 300-500 Euros.


Accomodation amounts  start from $100/month in some student dormitories. Some universities have student dormitories with single, double and triple rooms.Housing amount will depend largely on the location, and size of the flat.Averagely, the price goes from 100 Euros in a double room in the residence to 180 Euros and 450 Euros for a private flat.


Students can eat comfortably with around 200-250 Euros per month. Students can estimate food expenses on an individual basis depending on how much they eat.Note that every university has its own cafeteria with nice meals.


Public transport is available in cities and towns for both students locals. It is also free for for all residents including international students(this only works in Talinn). Most universities have shopping malls, eateries and shops.If you are using a taxi, the starting fee is 1.9 Euros.

Theater fee – 12 to 18 euros

Concert fee- 8 to 30 euros

Nightclub ticket- 5 to 15 euros


Group Training fee: 60 Euros-100 Euros per semester

Gym fitness club: 30-34 Euros per month

Private sports: 30 Euros-70 Euros per month

Free Scholarships

Estonian Government annually awards several scholarships to university students and researchers to study and do research at private universities and insitutitions in Estonia.Scholarships awarded are usually for masters and postgraduate degree programs but in some cases scholarships are given for bachelors programs.

Low Tuition Universities

Audentes University

Audentes University, Tartu Branch

Concordia International University, Estonia

Estonian Academy of Music

Tartu Medical School

University of Tartu


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