Study on low tuition in Denmark-Aalborg University

aalborgAalborg University has been providing domestic and international students with academic excellence,all round personal development and cultural engagement since 1974.The university offers courses in the fields of natural sciences, social sciences, humanities, technical and health sciences. Moreso, international students can study on low tuition since the tuition fee is between $10,000-$13,000 per year.

Entry Requirements

Check with the university to confirm if your high school/upper high school results qualify you for admissions.You should also upload a copy of your original diploma translated into english and verified by your university.The university will review your subject grades using the university admission review standards in Denmark.

Bachelor Degree Programs Taught in English

BA in Art and Technology.

BSC in Chemical Englineering and Biotechnology.

BSC in Economics and Business Administration

BSC in Communication and Media.

BSC in Medialogy.

BSC in Robotics

BSC in manufacturing and Operations Engineering.

BSC in Sustainable Biotech.

Application Deadline

Application for international admission is 15 March every year for candidates applying for Bachelors degree programs.Once you have successfully filed in the application, a signature page is produced. You should print out, sign and submit the signature page to  Note that your application is not complete until the signature page is received on or before 15th March.

Application Fee

All international students who are not from EEA or EEU would be required to pay an undergraduate application fee of 100 EUR before March 15th, Note that your application won’t be reviewed until your application fee is received. However, Masters degree applicants would be made to pay 105 EUR application fee.

Work and Study

Citizens from Nordic countries and EU are not required to apply for a work permit to work in Denmark. Non EU students however have to apply for a work permit to be eligible to work in Denmark.This work permit can be obtained at a local police state in Aalborg. International students are allowed to work for upto 15 hours per week and full time during the months of June, July and August. Note that once you have obtained your work rate you should start looking for a job.

Tuition Fees

EU students are not required to pay for their tuition fees.EEA Applicants equally wont be charged tuition fees as well. However for international students from outside this regions, they will be required to pay $10,000- $13,000 per year as tuition fees.


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