Study on low tuition in China: Capital Normal University

normalCapital Normal University (CNU) currently offers 56 Bachelor’s Programs, 147 Master’s Programs and 97 Doctoral Programs. These programs are available to all qualified international applicants.

As 1 of 27 academic institutes in CNU, College of International Education (CIE) offers 3 programs on Chinese Language, including Master’s program, Bachelor’s program and Chinese language training program. With outstanding faculties and advanced facilities, CNU provides students with favorable learning and living environment.

Why apply to CNU?

  1. The university campus is in a downtown location

      2.There are  various scholarships available for international students

  1. Reasonable Tuition
  2. Comfortable Environment
  3. Several flexible Courses
  4. Most importantly,modern and beautiful study & living facilities
  5. Key Comprehensive University Supported by Beijing Municipal Government and Ministry of Education

Application Procedure

The applicant should complete the following 3 steps before the application deadline.

Step 1: Download and Fill the Application Form (click here)

Please fill the form in Chinese or English.

Step 2: Endeavor to correctly fill out and submit required application documents.Generally, for applicants considering undergraduate studies, their high school transcript will be required along with any other qualifying documents if required by the university.You can submit your aplication using any of these methods:

(1) Submit in person or by others

(2)Submit application by post

(3)Alternatively, you can send the scanned documents by email to

Please attach all documents in one email and check your email regularly.

Step 3:  Pay the Application Fee

After application documents are received by ISO of CNU, self-financed applicant should pay application fee with bank card on-line.

Online payment system:

Or you may pay in person with cash. Check or wire transfer through banks is NOT acceptable.

Application Schedule

(1) The application deadline for the Chinese language training program is 30 Mar. for spring semester. For the fall semester is 30 Sep.

Applicants should apply at least 2 months before the application deadline. The International Student Office will issue and send JW202 form (Visa Application Form for Study in China) and Admission Notice within 2 weeks.

(2) Applicants for the bachelor’s program of Chinese Language need apply before the registration day which is usually in the end of February or August.

(3) Applicants for master’s program of Chinese Language need apply before 31 Dec. for the spring semester (next year) or before 15 Jun. for the fall semester.

(4) Applicants for bachelor’s program, master’s program or doctoral program of other majors need apply before 1 May to take the entrance exam or interview.

Tuition fees

The tuition fee for international undergraduate courses is roughly $4400 per year.While international postgraduate courses could range from $4400-$6000 per year.Please note that these tuition fees apply to courses taught in english.

For more enquiries about admissions into universities abroad, send an email to or call +2348125835476

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