Study on Low Tuition Fee Universities in Austria

The academic quality and overall diversity of programs provided by universities in Austria are top notch as well as the university services. Tuition fees are cheap and affordable for international students. Many international students in Austria benefited their personal and professional development and share impressive reviews about the modern work environment in Austria. Here are facts about tuition fees and cost of living in Austria.

Tuition Fees(EU Students)

EU students that enrol for a complete degree or exchange program in a public university don’t have to pay any tuition fees. They only have to pay a fee of 18 EUR/semester to the student union.

Non EU Students Tuition Fees

In addition to the 18 EUR/semester, non-EU students have to pay an average of 726 EUR per semester for tuition fees. If they decide to take courses at more than one university,they will only have to pay the tuition fees once.

Cost of Living in Austria

Considering the high cost of living in some parts of Europe is high, Austria does great with its affordable cost of living. Like in any country,prices are somewhat different depending on the region or city.In Vienna and Salzburg, you should prepare a monthly budget of between 850 EUR and 950 EUR to cover expenses(accommodation, food bills,moderate social activities  and public transportation) In other cities like Linz, Graz, living costs would range between 600 and 840 EUR/month.

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Accommodation Expenses

Out of the total monthly expenses EU students usually pay, international students will pay around:

-35% on accomodation

-7% in transportation

-1% on tuition fees

Rates for accommodation for international students is in the range of 200-300 EUR/month  as the average for any housing option is around 250-270 EUR/month. Averagely, students that live alone pay around 260 EUR/month while those who live with parents and partners spend around 370 EUR/month.

Rates for the most common housing choices among international students in Austria

  1. Student residence halls: 200-400 EUR per month for a single room.
  2. Rent/share an apartment an apartment-around 270 EUR/month for one person, for an apartment in a city centre.
  3. Homestay, average price is 550 EUR/month.

Cost of Food in Austria

For Austrians, lunch is the important meal of the day, for this reason restaurants offer cheap meals during noon. The cheapest are usually chinese restaurants, but you can always try out Gasthaus, or Gasthof which serve traditional meals at affordable rates.

The average cost of meals at cheap local restaurants or pubs is 5-7 EUR. A soup goulash is around  7 EUR and desert would cost 4 EUR. In touristic centres, you should expect prices to be around 11 to 18 EUR for the main meal and another 6 EUR for a drink. A three course meal at a mid range restaurant will cost between 15 to 35 EUR per person. Supermarkets have affordable prices which means you would spend between 165 to 200 EUR/month on your groceries.

Cost of Transportation

Public transportation, whether train,  bus or tram is the most  convenient and affordable way to travel within Austria.

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