Study on Low Tuition: Cost of Studying in Russia and Georgia

For international  individuals who are unable to  afford tuition fees in top countries such as Australia, US and UK, there are still much better university options in Europe that equally  offer high quality tertiary education with low and affordable tuition fees for international students.

This post will analyze the tuition fees of Georgia and as well as cost of study and cost of living.


Russia lies between North Eastern Europe and North Eastern Asia. There are actually about 230 universities currently operating in Russia.

Cost of Living

The Cost of living and studying in Russia isn’t very  expensive; to cover the costs of food and accommodation and more an estimated amount of $400 will be needed.

Cost of Studying

The tuition fees of studying in Russia is not too expensive and would depend on the course to be studied. professional programs such as medicine would cost slightly higher, usually $6000 per year while other non-specialized programs would go for about $1500-$3500 per year.


Georgia is one of the best places to study especially for students who may be interested in working and studying.

Cost of Living

Please note that tuition fees in Geogia are not very expensive and largely affordable. Undergraduate students may have to pay about $2000-$4000 per year while postgraduate students will pay about $4000.


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