Study on Low Tuition at University of Central Oklahoma, US: Tuition Fees, Admission Requirements and Cost of Living

The University of central Oklahoma can be seen lying beautifully on a large expanse of land 210 acres wide in the heart of Edmond, Oklahoma.This is fully residential and the dorms are great and comfortable;they are situated close to the classrooms which ensure you avoid unnecessary stress. The dorms are equally close to the library and wellness centre.

Are you aware that the host city is among the ten perfect suburbs in the USA? This town is small, but the charms are not mistaken. You will discover different kinds of modern amenities. Simply put, the University is world class and the neighborhood very safe.

University Ranking

This institution was founded in 1890 and the total number of graduates so far is 14,590. The institution uses a semester based calendar and is ranked 76th among the best colleges in regional universities west.

This ranking is for 2018 and represents the university’s standards of academic and all round excellence.Also the University of Oklahoma is ranked 147th best institution in undergraduate engineering programs.It is also the 25th best among top schools in the United States.

University Offering

The institution has all the facilities and features necessary to deliver a world class tertiary education for both undergraduate and postgraduate programs.The university is on a mission to enable students acquire professional knowledge necessary for excellence in chosen fields.

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The University of Central Oklahoma has received accreditation to deliver courses and programs in different fields of human endeavors.The accreditation bodies are:

American Speech Language Hearing Association, Accreditation Council for Business Schools and Programs, American Chemical Society etc.

Degree Programs

This University offer various undergraduate and postgraduate programs for registered students. Students are able to choose from 116 major programs and 63 minor programs available at the institution.

The institution’s 174 undergraduate degree programs are as follows:

Pre-Professional Codes.

Interdisciplinary Studies

College of Arts and Designs

College of Liberal Arts.

College of Mathematics and Science.

College of Education.

College of Business

The College of Education is divided into four departments as shown below:

Department of Human Environmental Sciences

Department of Kinesiology and Health Studies

Department of Psychology

Department of Adult Education and Safety Sciences.

Admission Requirements

Undergraduate Programs

Your chances of getting in up to 70% provided you submit all required documents and on time. Note that these requirements differ for local and international students.

Local Students

Local students can apply using either SAT or ACT result.The applicant is required to provide college entrance examination test score.The applicant is required to score upto 80 or above in the SAT or 20 and above in the ACT.

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High School Results

This is another requirement for local students seeking admission into University of Central Oklahoma.Students should have a 2.7 GPA or above on a scale of 4.0.

Other Requirements

The applicant is required to provide his or her transcript showing the details of his qualification.The applicant should obtain either high school certificate or diploma before he/ she is considered for undergraduate studies.

International Students

The requirements for international students are shown below:

*Completed online application form

*A certificate of financial sponsorship or resources

*Page of the International passport containing photo and bio data.

*Six month record of bank statement.

*Result of english proficiency test.

*Academic transcript bearing the official stamp of the institution, plus original copies sent to the admission office.

*Non refundable processing fee of $50

The student is required to upload and submit the documents along with the completed application online.

Language Requirements

The primary language of instruction is english.As a result, international students are required to provide english proficiency test results if they do not have english as their first language.

The english proficiency tests accepted by the university are shown below:

*IELTS with a minimum score of 5.5 and above.

*TOEFL with a minimum score of 500 on paper based test and 61 on internet based test.


Resident Fees

*In state Tuition:$5,760

*Book and Suppliers: $1,600

*Rooms and Board: $7660

*On campus other budgets: $6,946

*Other fees: $939.

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Non Resident Fees

* In State Tuition: $15,700

*Books and Supplies: $16,000

*Room and Board: $7,660

Mandatory Fees

* Facility fees: $11

*Technology fee: $3

*Library fee: $2,50

*General Tuition: $250

Cost of Living

Cost of living is cheap and affordable, especially for students; the government assists in payments for food and energy bills.The costs are shown below:

*1 kg of potatoes:$1.91

*2L of Coca cola: $1.69

*1 kg of Apple: $2.88

*Lunch Time Menu: $12

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