Study on low cost in Ukraine-International Students

Studying in Ukraine offers several study abroad advantages to international students. Besides  being a beautiful tourist site, Ukraine runs an affordable but high quality education in Europe. This country has many beautiful cities such as; Kharkov, Odessa, Kirem (Black Sea), Simferopol and Dnepropetrovsk. Languages commonly spoken are; German, Russian and English. Ukrainian lecturers are world class teachers with degrees from Harvard, MIT, Stanford and Oxford. If you are really thinking of a foreign country to study in, why not look at the following reasons you should choose Ukraine;

*A long list of quality courses to choose from (medicine, law, civil engineering and Humanities)

*Affordable tuition fees (ranging from $1000-$3000 per year)

*Swift and fast admission process

*Student internships and employment opportunities before and after graduation



*Civil Engineering


*Computer sciences

*MBA and PHD programs.


Annual tuition fee: Instruction in English – $ 3250.

  • Visa Support Letter costs 200$US
  • Invitation costs 300$US
  • Health Insurance costs 200$US
  • Hostel costs 400$US for one year
  • Admission and Registration fee 300$US
  • Accommodation charges in hostel US $2000, Rent an apartment US $1000 a month, Paying guest US $700 a month & Share a room US $%500.
  • Consultancy Charges of our firm 600$US
  • Airport pick up 150$US



Diploma/Degree Certificate, 2 notarized copies of the Diploma/Degree Certificate, 2 translated copies of the Diploma/Degree Certificate in Russian/Ukrainian language and certified by a notary from the Ukrainian Embassy in your country to carry out the equivalence procedure.

  • Mark sheets of all academic years (including studied subjects, marks & hours for each subject), 2 notarized copies of the mark sheets, 2 translated copies of the Mark sheets in Russian/Ukrainian language and certified by a notary from the Ukrainian in your country to carry out the equivalence procedure
  • Also applicant must have completed his/her upper secondary, graduation or post graduation from a recognized institution of their respective home country.


List of Universities

Some of the best and top universities in Ukraine 2014-2015 are National Technical University of Ukraine, Taras Shevchenko National University of Kyiv, Donetsk National Technical University, Kharkiv National University & Sumy State University


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