Study on Engineering on Low Tuition in Poland


Engineering is a prestigious  field of study that involves understanding the use of the most advanced forms of technology and applying the knowledge and skills in the real world.

Engineering in Poland – If you are considering taking up admission in a Bachelors Engineering program in a developed European country , then Poland is the right country to make your dreams come true.

Poland has several top class Engineering colleges and Technical universities that provide the right mix of theory and practical sessions to its students. In fact, the universities of this country are recognized among the top technical universities of the world as they are famous for the quality of teaching and research projects.


List of Bachelor’s Degree Engineering Programs


  1. Aerospace Engineering
  2. Agricultural and Forest Engineering
  3. Architecture and Urban Planning
  4. Automation and Robotics
  5. Biomedical Engineering
  6. Environmental Engineering
  7. Civil Engineering
  8. Computer Engineering
  9. Electrical engineering
  10. Computer Science
  11. Information Technology
  12. Power Engineering
  13. Mechanical engineering
  14. Oil and Gas Technology
  15. Combustion Engines
  16. Computational Mechanics
  17. Machine Design
  18. Thermal Power Systems and Installations
  19. Road Engineering
  20. Transportation Management and Railway Vehicle Engineering
  21. Supply Chain Management
  22. Biotechnology
  23. Renewable Resources
  24. Optics
  25. Engineering of Technological Processes
  26. Technology Management
  27. Mechatronics
  28. Composites and Nano Materials
  29. Structural Engineering
  30. Telecommunications

Length and quality of program

If you choose to  enrol in any of the Engineering universities in Poland, you will save one year because the Bachelor’s program is 3 years. Besides, with the schengen visa you get to travel across the entire Europe and explore some of the appealing destinations. Gain international exposure by studying in this country. Quality education and world class infrastructure as well as recognized degree give a boost to the aspirations and dreams of students towards getting admission in top engineering colleges of Poland.

Tuition fees:

International students should budget €2000 to €4000 per academic year for tuition fees.

The cost of living is low and part time jobs are available making Poland all the more alluring for foreign students.

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