Study on Cheapest Tuition in Thailand: How to Apply, Visa Information, Tuition and Cost of Living

The Kingdom of Thailand being the official name of Thailand welcomes over 16 million visitors every year. These visitors and tourists are hoping to explore a scintillating culture and natural surroundings that are uniquely different to their own. Thailand has whopping 3,219 kilometers of idyllic coastline, which gives the mainland, and the many surrounding smaller islands, the gift of pristine sands and endless blue shores. Inland, hundreds of temples and historic buildings steal the skyline.

How to Apply and Visa Information

To apply and study in Thailand as an international student, you’ll need  a student visa. Please note that several nationalities are allowed to enter the country without prearrangement on a 30-day tourist visa, if you are planning to study in Thailand for a semester or longer, you will however require a 90-day non-immigrant education visa from your home country, which can be renewed and extended for up to a year at official immigration offices in Thailand.

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Please be informed that before applying for a visa, you should have gained acceptance onto a chosen program at an accredited Thai university. You will need to show your acceptance letter, along with the application form, a valid passport, passport photos, and evidence of sufficient finances (20,000 baht – US$360 – per person) to the Thai consulate or embassy in your home country on appointment. For further information on fees and how to apply, contact your local Thai embassy or consulate.

Tuition and Cost of Living

Living in Thailand is remarkably cheap due to foreign currency exchanges and a modest standard of living. Those on a tight student budget will be able to live on 650 baht (US$20) a day, covering food, transport and accommodation. For those looking to do some travelling and exploring while undertaking study in Thailand, you will likely need to budget around 1500 baht (US$46) per day.

Bear in mind, however, that living costs vary wildly depending on whether you live close to a city center. One month’s rent in the city of Bangkok can cost as much as 14,000 baht (US$430), whereas living outside of the city will cost roughly half this amount, approximately 7,400 baht (US$230). If you choose to live with other students or in a shared apartment your expenditure will again be cut.

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Food in Thailand is another inexpensive pleasure. A meal at a low-cost restaurant will come to approximately 60 baht (less than US$2) while a full-blown three course meal for two at a mid-range restaurant will cost around 600 baht (US$18).


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