Study on Cheapest Tuition in Czech

If you are looking for a beautiful country to pursue your studies at a very affordable rate, look no further.Czech republic has top universities offering undergraduate and postgraduate research programs in Sciences and Medicine.

Czech Republic is located in Central Europe and is very popular for its Ornate castles, native beers and long history dating back to Celtic and Germanic tribes which gave birth to Protestant Reformation and Communism.Universities here offer a lot of study programs in English language for international students.No wonder, more than 37,000 international students choose to study here.

Why you should Study in Czech Republic

(1)One of the Best Educational Programs in Europe

The top quality of education in Czech republic is widely recognized especially in courses such as Science, Engineering, or Medicine.Charles University was founded sometime in 1348 and is undoubtedly the oldest university in Central Europe.Note that the accreditation commission Czech Ministry of Education, Youth and Sports evaluate the quality of various aspects of higher education.

 (2) Several Universities with unique Programs

You’ll find several interesting programs at universities in Czech tailored specifically for your needs-thus helping you gain perspective and specific knowledge in key areas.In addition to several undergraduate programs, many choose Czech Republic to undertake masters or PHD programs or short term courses focussed on innovation.

(3) Its Location in the Heart of Europe

Czech Republic is located in the heart of Europe. What this means is that you are able to freely access several parts of Europe without constraint and discover amazing places of European continent.Beside tripping to picturesque Czech villages, you would not regret traveling to unmissable tourist destinations in Austria, Germany, Poland, Switzerland to mention but a few.


(4) Affordable Cost of Living

Apart from the aforementioned academic benefits, living in Czech is also very affordable when compared to other European countries especially Germany, UK and France.Expenses for food, accomodation, public transport usually range from $350 to $750 per month.Note that the type of accommodation will depend just how much you spend. Also, with the International Student Identity Card you’ll receive on admission will allow you access to discounted products at numerous places.


(5)Cultural Richness

Czech Republic is rich on cultural diversity-probably one of very countries you’ll find historical marks and traces of Slavic, Jewish and Germanic communities which was core to the creation of Central European culture and lifestyle. Make sure you visit museums,attend cafes, churches and cathedrals as a routine while studying in Czech.This will complement your studies and experience.

(6) Academic Diversity

As Czech republic is increasing its number of foreign courses, more international students are trooping to the country for university studies.Also these universities are forging global partnerships with leading and world class universities around Europe and the world. Currently, more than 37,000 international students are enrolled in universities across Czech. So forging new friendships would be an easy thing.

Tuition Fees

Tuition fees are very affordable and low for international students.In general, private and public schools charge tuition ranging from 1000 EUR to 1500 EUR per semester for english taught programs. International students who decide to study in Czech language are totally exempted from paying tuition.

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Cost of Living

Also cost of living in Czech is one of the lowest in Europe.Around 300 to 700 EUR will cover basic expenses such as food, accommodation and public transportation for a month.

Cheap Tuition Universities

Charles University, Prague

Czech Technical University

Czech University of Agriculture


Liberec University of Tech

Masaryk University

Mendel University of Agric and Forestry

Palacky University

Palacky University Medical School

Silesian University

South Bohemia University

University of Ostrava.

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