Study on Cheapest Tuition (€1,160) at Opole University, Poland

The University of Opole is constantly expanding and improving its educational offer and  developing cooperation with top academic and business partners both in Poland and abroad. Their students are able to go on placements and exchanges within the framework of Erasmus+ programme or Europa Master Programme. Also there are various scholarships and grants available for international students. You can develop  interests and passions taking part in a wide range of activities in the fields of science, sport and culture.

Thanks to a wide range of fields of study and specialities you can easily find a programme which will meet your interests and will provide you with knowledge and skills necessary in your future career and life.

General information

Applicants who are not citizens of Poland, hereinafter referred to as international students, can apply for undergraduate courses, graduate courses as well as doctoral or postgraduate courses if

  • (1) they have successfully secured visa or a residence card or other document permitting them to stay in Poland and
  • (2) are duly insured against health risks or accidents for the time of their education in Poland or have obtained the European Health Insurance Card or insurance at the National Health Fund (Narodowy Fundusz Zdrowia) immediately after the start of education.

Foreigners are subject to the same principles of recruitment as those referring to candidates holding the old format of the secondary school leaving certificate (Stara Matura) according to the criteria of admission determined for the chosen programme. To apply for admission candidates should register in the Online Registration System (IRK), attend an entrance interview (if required for a chosen course) and submit all required documents within the deadline specified in the Admissions Schedule.

Place and date of document submission

Once the registration in the Online Registration System (IRK) is done, all foreigners applying for admission will find information concerning qualification on their internet accounts (no other information is sent to candidates). Candidates qualified for admission have to submit all the required documents to the relevant recruitment committees before the deadline specified in the Admissions Schedule

Documents required:

  • A well completed application form signed by the candidate (a printout from the Online Registration System (IRK)),
  • original of the secondary school leaving certificate obtained abroad (for more information concerning the recognition of foreign documents click here)
  • in the case of graduate courses: degree certificate confirming graduation from bachelor level studies or uniform master’s degree studies
  • certificate of nostrification of the secondary school leaving certificate or degree certificate
  • an insurance policy against health risks or accidents for the time of education in Poland or the European Health Insurance Card
  • photocopy of passport, visa, residence card or other document authorizing the stay in the Republic of Poland – applicable only to candidates from outside the European Union, citizens of Switzerland or citizens of EFTA (European Agreement on Free Trade) member states
  • four photographs in the format of photographs for identity cards (35×45 mm)
  • note that all the required documents issued in a foreign language should be translated by a certified translator into Polish

Tuition fees:

  1. Opole University usually charges a recruitment fee of 85 PLN (21 EUR) per registration for every programme. This Ppayment must be made to a bank account generated by the online recruitment system (IRK).
  2. Citizens of the European Union member states, the European Agreement on Free Trade (EFTA) member states or the holders of valid Pole’s Card who possess financial means indispensable to cover the costs of maintenance during studies can undertake and continue regular studies, doctoral studies, as well as other forms of education according to the principles relating to citizens of Poland, with the provision that the above-mentioned are not eligible for receiving social benefits, special benefits for the disabled, benefits to cover accommodation or boarding, and other financial grants (not applicable to students with the Pole’s Card).
  3. Foreigners undertaking studies and trainings, not mentioned in section 2 above, are obliged to pay the annual tuition fee. The tuition depends on the type of the study programme chosen but is not lower than:
  • for undergraduate and graduate programmes € 1,160
  • for doctoral studies and post-graduate programmes, scientific and artistic traineeships, specialization trainings, and habilitation trainings € 1,200
  • payments should be made to the bank accounts generated by the Online Registration System (IRK).


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