Study on Cheap Tuition in Sweden: Tuition Fees and Living Expenses

Sweden is located in Northern Europe and is a Scandinavian nation. The country is bordered by Norway and Finland and connected to Denmark by a land bridge. It is the third largest country in the European Union by land and consistently ranks in the top 3 in the world for english proficiency. In Sweden, the currency used is Swedish Krona(SEK). Tuition fees in Sweden varies. It all depends on the type of university and program.

Before a student is enrolled into any of the programs and universities, the student has to pay the application fees.Application and tuition fees apply for students who are not citizens of an EU/EEA/Nordic country or Switzerland studying bachelors or  masters  program.

Top 5 Universities in Sweden

  • Karolinska Institute. It prides itself on its world class medical research.
  • Uppsala Universities
  • Lund University
  • Stockholm University
  • KTH Royal Institute of Technology

The application fee is SEK 900. Note that this fee is paid as part of your online application. Tuition fees vary depending on the course although the average fee for masters program is  SEK 129,000/year while bachelors programs are generally inexpensive.

The three private universities in Sweden charge average fees 12,000/15,000 EUR per year. But for some disciplines, this could go up to 25,000 EUR per year. Tuition fees for these disciplines are as follows:

  • Computer Science: 25,000 EUR /year
  • Environmental Science: 8,000 and 30,000 EUR/year
  • Engineering: 17,000 EUR/year
  • Economics: 18,000 EUR/year

Free Tuition Universities in Sweden

These are a list of free tuition universities in Sweden for EU/EEA students:

  • University of Gottenburg
  • Jonkoping University
  • Dalarna University
  • Lulea University of Technology

Tuition Fees for Low Tuition Universities

Here is a list of low tuition universities in Sweden for international students:

  • Karolinska Institute- average tuition fees 34,000 EUR/per year
  • Uppsala University- average tuition fees 25,000 EUR/per year
  • Lund University- average tuition fees 21,000 EUR/per year
  • Stockholm University -average tuition fees 25,000/per year


The average fees for masters program is SEK 129,000/year while bachelors programs are usually less expensive. Tuition fees in Sweden range from approximately $9,200 per year to $14,000 USD.

Both local and international students need to buy their textbooks and on average spend 750 SEK/month. A standard range of tuition fees for various subjects is shown below although the exact amount varies .

Social Sciences and humanities                          SEK  80,000 – 110,000/year

Technical Programmes and natural sci              SEK 120,000 – 145,000/year

Architecture and Design                                       SEK 190,000 -270,000/year


Living Expenses

On average, monthly student budget is roughly SEK 8,000 per month. Of course, your costs will depend largely on your personal preferences and location.

Accommodation Costs

One of the most  important expenses in a student’s life is accommodation cost.  That is why 40% of a student’s monthly expenditure goes into accommodation.

*Students living alone: 508 EUR/month

*Students living with partner/children: 604 EUR/month

*Students living in residence hall: 479 EUR/month

Accommodation in residence halls may be a bit of an issue since only 28% of students who enrol annually in Swedish universities  find a place in the university hall.


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