Study on Cheap Tuition at University of Calgary, Canada: Admission Requirements and Cost of Living

Founded sometime in the Spring of 1966 in Alberta, University of Calgary is a renowned international institution with a comprehensive backlog of research intensive programs. The institution has 50 research institutes and centres.The University of Calgary was originally an arm of University of Alberta from 1944. In 1966, it however attained autonomous and was branched out into an exclusively independent university which currently has 30,000 students and over 1,800 academic staff and has had more than 170,000 graduate into its alumni cohort over the last 5 decades. Also, tuition fees are cheap and low for international students.


This institution is ranked highest in both Canada and North America and placed on number 12th globally. University of Calgary made it into the top 50 universities in 2016 QS 50 under 50.

In 2017, in the Times Higher Education ranking, UCalgary is pegged at 8th nationally and 195th world wide. It was listed in the top 200 most globally oriented university and as a technology challenger by the Times Higher Education.

Webometrics with a reputation for ranking universities based on their sustainable presence in the internet, ranked the university of Calgary in the top 100 globally, securing a spot at 99th in the world. It came 63rd in the North America  category and 6th in Canada.


At the UCalgary, international students are open to admission to study available courses. The language of instruction is English except for a few courses.

Undergraduate Admission

Eligible students will be admitted into undergraduate program through the Canadian High School Admission process which requires the Alberta Grade 12 graduation or equivalent. For applicants without Canadian high school results, the international high school commission allows applicants completing an american based curriculum anywhere in the world to qualify for admission based on several evaluations such as ACT or SAT. However, applicants from outside the US may be exempted from presenting an ACT or SAT. UCalgary might also allow transfer students to apply.

Graduate Admission

Applicants for graduate programs are expected to hold a four year university degree or its equivalent from a recognized institution. Careful evaluation will be carried out on all certificates and grades received from other institutions. For doctoral programs, a master’s degree or its equivalent is required for admission.

Note that all applicants for undergraduate and graduate programs are expected to demonstrate strong english language proficiency.

General Admission Procedures

Students who desire to be considered for admission must complete the following steps:


  • Complete the application for admission: The application can be found online on the website portal.
  • Pay the application fee: International students completing applications are required to pay a non refundable $145 application fee for candian residents by the application deadline.
  • Submit required documents: (This include transcripts, english language proficiency requirements etc) All required documents must be received before the deadline.International applicants submitting documents which are in a language other than english should submit along with an english translation as well.


Note that incomplete applications or those submitted without the required payment will not be processed. Successful applicants who qualify will receive a notification of acceptance and would be requested to accept the offer of admission prior to registering for courses. A one time admission deposit of $500 will be paid by all admitted students who desire to maintain their admission spots.


Undergraduate Tuition

Faculty or Program Local Students(Canadian Dollars) International Students (Canadian Dollars)
Per 3 units 538 611
Co-op/intern/off camp(4 months) 423 479
Law 3 units 1,026 1,136
Vet Medicine(Per term) 5,432 N/A
IFP(3 units) 538 612


Graduate Tuition

Students in the masters and doctoral program are assessed tuition fee annually.For thesis based degree(MSc and PhD), all tuition are pro rated across a four year term.

Cost of Living in Calgary

  • Calgary is the 70th most expensive in 3016 cities across the globe.
  • Calgary is the third most expensive in Canada
  • Calgary is 7% cheaper than Toronto


Food (Groceries) Price (Canadian $)
Milk 1 litre 1.96
Loaf of fresh white bread( 500g) 2.54
Rice, White (1kg) 3.97
Eggs, regular 3.22
Local cheese 11.74


Utilities (Monthly) Price (Canadian $)
Basic amenities(Electricity, heating, water, garbage) for 85m2 apartment 178
1 min of prepaid mobile tariff local 0.34
Internet 63.30


Transportation Price (Canadian $)
One way ticket(Local transport) 3.25
Monthly pass (Regular price) 100
Taxi start 3.50
Taxi 1km 1.67
Taxi 1 hour waiting 33.80


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