Study on Affordable Tuition in Scotland

Scotland is a beautiful country situated in the vibrant European continent. A very progressive country built on the ideals of innovation, creativity and warmth.If you are considering taking up university studies in Scotland, here are some reasons you’ll be making a good decision:

Scotland has amazing learning styles for all fields

Scottish universities collectively offer well over 4,500 programs in well over 150 subject areas at undergraduate and postgraduate levels. Also, they are several research led programs available in class and online for programs such as:



International Law

Asian Studies

Data Sciences


Also, universities in Scotland employ varied learning methodologies to ensure everyone in class is carried along.This should be one important thing to consider when choosing universities.

Experienced Educationists

Scottish universities have been educating since the 15th century. Some of the oldest universities in the world are in Scotland and they’ve been going strong ever since. According to Times higher magazine and Shanghai Ranking, the highest ranked universities in the world are:

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The University of Edinburgh

University of Dundee

University of Glasgow

Scotland is your Campus

Universities in Scotland don’t believe in the traditional method of educating students only in the four walls of the classroom.It should interest you to know that archaeological sites, marine centres have allowed students to gain real world learning experience. There is also an increase in the use of tech to facilitate education, thus making many classroom materials available online.

Rocksolid Research Universities

World-wide, scottish universities are known for world class research work. Key breakthroughs with these researches have led to advancements such as MRI scanner and Keyhole surgery.Students are also involved in the development of video games, earthquake risk estimation and making new forecasts and discoveries in quantum mechanics.

For example, the University of Edinburgh is a Russell Group, ranked fourth in the UK for strong research power.The institution is popular for its research work in medicine, healthcare and recent projects related to finding out courses of childhood blindness. Did you know Scottish students produce more academic papers, and citations per 10,000 of the population than anywhere in the world.

Study in a Friendly Country

Scottish people are friendly and equally welcome strangers in a friendly manner. While there are some stories of violence at football games, most times these stories are made up. Scotland is such a friendly and amazing country to study in. Scottish people are ever ready to help strangers. Scottish people are ever ready to help strangers, give them a warm welcome and advice on some of the best places to eat out. Also around 21% of students in Scotland are Scottish. 11% are either from EEA or the EU. That means, no matter where you are from you’ll always find one of your own and someone you’ll like to hang out with. Plus a large number of student associations for students from and outside Scotland to socialize and get to know the country.

Education is Free

The student awards agency for Scotland (SAAS) covers tuition for undergraduate students in Scotland as long as they are from EU or the EEA countries. That makes a real difference if you are actively search for free tuition universities to study in. For now, up until the 2018/2019 academic year, this provision is still available.

University of Edinburgh

This is the capital of Scotland and needless to say, has a university that ranks well in the university ranking table.Note that universities are ranked in Scotland based on several factors such as:quality of teaching and degrees awarded.

University of Glasgow

This is a large research university of the Russell Group(an official body that represents 20 United Kingdom Universities committed to the best research, teaching and learning). Founded in 1451, this is the fourth oldest university in the world.

University of St Andrews

Usually a top 5 ranked university in the UK, St Andrews was Scotland’s first university founded in 1413 and has maintained a good reputation ever since.

University of Dundee

After enjoying a 70 year relationship with St Andrews University, Dundee became an independent university in 1967. The university is made up of four colleges: the college of arts and social sciences, the college of life sciences; and the college of Medicine, Dentistry and Nursing.

University of Aberdeen

This was founded in 1495 and is a research led university with a long history of professors and lecturers who have gone on to win Nobel Peace Prizes, five total and mainly in the Sciences.

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